Monday, February 23, 2009

Things I'm loving right now

My friends Tiffany and Katy have done a post called What I’m liking right now and I like it. Now, I’m def not doing a weekly post, but I have a few things today…

My new cheapy necklace I got at target. I’m really trying to wear fun jewelry rather than my diamond studs, wedding ring and a silver chain with one of many pendants on it. This isn’t actually it but it’s pretty similar and I’m really loving it right now. Plus, it was $8.

This creamer-chocolate raspberry goodness. I drink a lot of coffee during the day in hopes that the constant restroom breaks will make my day go faster. This creamer helped today.

How cute is this little musical owl? you hang it in a crib or a carseat or wherever. I love owls and i'm pretty sure i need one of these.

A birthday crown for connor for his bday. Since the big 2 is coming up in April, the planning is underway...and I think a really cute felt/wool/whatever crown would be super cute. So, at this point i need either a. a friend who can sew or b. the desire to buy one online. any takers?

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Katy said...

I love that little crown!