Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Payson, AZ

getting family photos is tough and this one is horrible...as setting the timer on a camera is a nightmare :)
Happy Tuesday everyone. This weekend was great. We got out of the valley for a little bit and I think the trip really confirmed (for me at least) how strong this weird desire is to move somewhere a bit smaller, a bit slower. I doubt we’ll ever do it. The pull of having family so close by is far too strong to ignore and I really love having so many options…options for work, options for dining out, options for schools, a major league baseball team, etc. That isn’t really something available in such a small town. I really like the idea in theory though.

So, we drove up Friday evening. I think we left the house around 5:30. Connor was coughing a bit and had quite the gross runny nose action. I swear colds never, ever go away! When we got into Payson, we still had about 20 minutes until we got to the house. Connor was screaming, literally screaming, “poo poo” from the back and so we pulled over and got out to quickly change him-he’s a liar by the way. It was freezing, absolutely freezing. The ground was all icy and there were piles of snow all over the ground. He was exhausted and so changing him in the freezing cold didn’t help. He was coughing and so pissed that he puked the minute we got back on the road. Lovely. Took his temp and it came in just under 101. Even better. Let me just try and tell you how fun it is to be driving down an icy road (that you aren’t familiar with) while your kid pukes all over himself and the back seat. There are just no words to explain how super duper it is so I won’t try.

The cabin is amazing and we had tons, plenty of room. There is a great front porch and an even larger back porch so that was great for photo taking. Yes, I took a million pics. Duh.

Saturday we went and got breakfast and did some grocery/supply shopping. My truck got stuck in like 5” of snow or something equally lame. We had to dig out, but we were really determined to make it to McD by 10:30 for breakfast. We made it. barely. So all of the tire trauma caused my hazard light to go on. I stopped in to visit with jiffy lube guys who were nice enough to put plenty of air in my tires for free! I swear that just doesn’t happen in Phoenix…first they would have made me wait for 30 minutes just to charge me $25 to check and refill.

We headed back to the cabin and played around in the snow a bit. The nice thing about having a child still in diapers is that you don’t have to worry about getting them all bundled up just to hear that they have to go to the bathroom. Not an issue, feel free kid. Connor wasn’t eager to get in the snow. After several days there, he still didn’t walk in it…don’t think he thought he could. He loved touching it and kicking it (such a boy!) and really loved watching Jeffrey and I throw it around. We’d toss a snowball and he’d say (and sign) More! More! I think next time we head north, he’ll play a more active role in the snow.

For most of the weekend, we did the same. Lounging around the cabin watching movies, and playing outside. Here are lots of pics from this weekend. There are tons more and I’ll post throughout the next week.
earning his vacation
((Well, we got home yesterday afternoon so crockpot cooking wasn’t really a realistic idea (pizza rolls and veggies were-yikes)…if we do anything in the crock later this week I’ll post…otherwise there will be one next week for sure! ))


Lo Farley said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a ton of fun! I'm so jealous. I would like to say thank you for testing out so many things with your son so that I may make informed decisions on what to do with Jack. Snow? um, later. Cats? hmm, probably. Children's Museum, yes! Thanks Lindsay.

Lindsay said...

you betcha lo. i'm glad i can be your guinea pig. :)

Katy said...

Those are great pictures. I have the draw of a small town too, but I prefer to just think about it and visit small towns. I'm glad you had such a great time.

Jobina said...

Ok, so besides the "getting" there part. I'm glad you had a such a good time. Connor looks adorable as usual.