Friday, February 13, 2009

“When it snows you have two choices: shovel it or make snow angels”

Very excited, we are heading up to Payson tonight. My friend Dawn’s mom has a cabin in Star Valley (just outside of Payson) and was nice enough to let us stay there this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it. Connor has never seen snow and I think he’ll enjoy himself. We’ve packed up all the long sleeved, hooded, wool items we own and I think we’re all set. So, we’re driving up tonight and coming home Monday…or Sunday if Connor tolerance is questionable. He should be fine though, and as of this morning there was snow on the ground. Hopefully there won’t be too much snow though, my truck isn’t 4x4 and I certainly don’t want to deal with chains this weekend. If you hear about a family of 3 stranded on the beeline, that’s us…send help! :)

We don’t have any plans for our few days up there, which is strange for us. I usually like to have events and activities planned, but I’m really trying to resist the natural urge to overbook! Unfortunately, I did find this list, so the urge is getting stronger. I think we’re going to sled in the back yard, play in the snow and just relax. Maybe dinner on Saturday, but just to see the town-not for the Valentine’s Day reason.

We aren’t huge into Valentine’s Day so this was a great weekend to go. I’m not one of those anti-Valentine’s peeps by any way, but I’m just not a fan of all the build up to this one day. I really like Valentine’s as far as kid’s are concerned. I know that the teachers have quite the day planned at Connor’s school. When I picked him up yesterday, all their little Valentine mailboxes were set up for today’s cards. Super cute.
Hope you all have a great Valentine's/Presidents weekend and I'll have pics and stories next week!


Katy said...

I'm not anti-valentine either, but I too agree that the day usually doesn't live up to the anticipation. I loved v-day as a kid. Making the valentine's day box and hoping you'd get a valentine from the boy you liked. The candy too. Ahh, good times

Lindsay said...

know what's funny? connor's school, and most others i assume, have rules now that if you are going to send your child to school with valentines, you have to make one for each and every child. I think i'd do this anyway, but it just adds to the "everyone is a winner" mentality.

Jill said...

We weren't even allowed to have the names of the kids this year at Cadence's school. I just printed a bunch of cards that said Happy Valentine's Day to: my friend from: Cadence. Once she is older and has a list I am sure she will want to pick and choose who she gives them to.

Lindsay said...

i got to connor's school on tuesday i think and they had a list of the kids' names as well as those of the teachers. it took me a solid day to realize it was for valentines cards.