Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Shennanigans

There's no Crock Pot Tuesday this week. Since we hosted Super Bowl at our place this past weekend, there is a ridiculous amount of food here and we won't be cooking for days-seriously.

So, instead of a crock pot recipe, I decided to post some pics from the SB party. There were about 30 people there and although the Cards weren't able to come away with the win, it was a good time. We did some betting, screamed a bunch, drank a bit and ate a lot. Abby watched the kids and besides a few minor tantrums, all were pretty well behaved! Connor and Cadence bagan their love affair that Jill and I have been trying to force foster for nearly a year so that's good news. Here are some pics (and a quick video), mostly of the kiddos of course.

i'm pretty sure this is baby sign for "let me the $%#@ out of here" :)

dawn, who almost always avoids getting her photo taken:)

horrible photo, but i took so few that had adults in them

carly & bobby

lauren & jack

kinda creepy...i'm thinking of submitting this to cakewrecks!

Thanks to all who came. We had a good time and hope you did too. :) The rest of the photos are HERE.


Jill said...

The kids are cute aren't they?!? Loved the comment next to the pic of cadence breaking out of the play room...laughed so hard I think I almost woke her up!

Ern said...

That was a really fun party. The Barnes know how to get down! Thanks again for having us. We had a blast.

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

your party looks like so much fun! love the cards cookie cake

Lo Farley said...

I think the picture of Ryan and Jeff says it all. Can you email the pics of Jack? I didn't take any.