Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hootie Hoot, so damn cute!

My last post talked about how much of a slacker I was when it came to getting my friend Christy a cute owl themed baby shower gift. Next time one of my Sisters has a baby or a shower, I'm going to be on the ball. There are just so many flippin cute options out there. I'm so glad that owls are cute now, and pretty popular. When I was in college, they were all creepy and gross. Here's a few items I'll be sure to pick up next time!
hootie dress. love it so much. if I have a girl, i'm totally getting this.

shut up with how wonderful this sweater is. seriously.
this little owl hangs on the crib, a door knob, a carseat, wherever and plays music. love.

There are millions of owl onesies out there, but I think this may be my favorite right now.

I love the look of large alphabet wall hangings. This one is made even better with the cute little hooters.

OMG I'm dying about how great this is. I think I need this gorgeous Personalized Owl Wall Hanging
adorable owl pillows - these come in several different patterns, but i really love that this one has even more owls on it!
Hootie Blanket - There are lots of cute baby blankets with owls out there, but I just thought this one was darling. Love.


Katy said...

I'd like to let you know that when I was in SF I went into this cute little boutique and saw this heavy silver owl that was a holder for little appetizer sqewers with mini owls on the tops of the prongs. I wanted to get it for you but it was $150! I love you, but I'm not that stuffed with money. The thought... the thought..

Carly said...

Does the post double as your registry? ;)

Lindsay said...

kate-sounds wonderful, but no way would i spend $150 on it either :) however, when i win the lotto i'm booking you and i to go to SF and buy several of them!!

carly-lol. love the stuff, but there's no registering for 2nd know me better than that!! now...if someone were to purchase something i wouldn't turn it down!! :) hehe.