Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Going to try and get back to getting my Nearly Wordless Wednesday posted every Wednesday. Since I take photos of nearly every mundane thing we do, I have plenty of pics! This week is a pretty random assortment.

My good friend Christy, from our Chi Omega Alumnae Group is due to have their first baby next month. Because she and her husband have only lived in AZ for a couple of years, most of her closest friends are out of state. She's from Minnesota so she flew home last month for a shower that many of her close friends threw for her. I dont think she ever expected to have a shower thrown for her here in AZ. We totally pulled off a great surprise baby shower for her! She always attends our monthly book club meeting, so this month I set it up to be at her favorite restaurant. We made sure that she'd be there by contacting her mom who was in town for the weekend-it was so special that she could be there as well! When Christy showed up she was so surprised! We had cake and lots of fun gifts for her.
From the moment Christy found out that she was expecting, I planned on getting her tons of cute owl or chi omega stuff...but I slacked and time flew by and I wasn't prepared. Luckily, my Sisters didn't slack and she took home several wonderful owl gifts! Here are just a few pics from the shower.
super cute owl blanket

hootie hoot!
super cute Night Owl onesie

Christy and her mom, Nancy

LOVE this onesie - especially since we're a book club!

Liz, Linds, Christy, Nancy, Laura, Raquel, Marcie, Alona, Rheana, Kimberly, Caroline, Angela, Shelley and Jill--hooray Chi Omega Alums!

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Tiffany said...

so cute! glad to see the shower was a success!