Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Baby

Connor loves santa. looked forward to it all day and was super excited to chat with him. we decided to skip the mall santa this year because the prices were CRAZY. seriously, $20 for one photo? No gracias. We decided to take him to visit Santa's House in downtown Chandler last weekend and I'm so glad we did. He got to see the Chandler Tumbleweed Christmas Tree and there was no line, that's right, no line to visit Santa. Plus, a group was sponsoring it so we donated to them and that was the entire cost. Amazing. We'll do this every year. You have to take advantage of this beautiful weather and it's so much better than standing in line in the mall for an hour plus. Here are a few of the pics from our day at Santa's House. I didn't get a ton of great ones, because I was just watching him with Santa, but he had a great time and went back to hug him right before we left.
giving santa a hi-five.
this photo is hilarious...connor is thinking santa looks a bit shifty i think :)
strolling with daddy
here's connor by the huge tree in downtown chandler, the tumbleweed tree. So ugly during the day, pretty all lit up at night.
i had to put this one in because our kid is a wacko and he looks like he's doing some kind of kung fu here.

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Katy said...

ok, that picture of Connor sitting down is a mini-jeff!