Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009 From the Barnes Family

We're getting some rest before the Christmas hoopla kicks off this afternoon. We're heading to Mass at 4pm and then we have our own tradition. Jeffrey, Connor and I will be grabbing In & Out on the way to the Barnes house. The traditional dinner at my inlaws is not quite our style so we fill up beforehand! They have a traditional Slovak dinner of cream of wheat, sausage and sour krout. Again, not our type of thing. Then we all open gifts and go home exhausted. Tomorrow morning my parents come over and we have breakfast and open gifts. Then we'll have a more traditional holiday meal of ham and other goodness. Next stop is to visit our friends Carrol and Danny at their annual Christmas open house. The last step is when my dad and Corliss come over for even more gluttonous gift opening. We're completely exhausted by the time the evening is over.
I hope you have an equally exhausting holiday scheduled!
Merry Christmas!

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Karen said...

I love the Christmas cards!! They turned out great!

Merry Christmas!!