Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday can be for posting pics too...

Christmas of 2007 was amazing because it was Connor's first Christmas. Christmas of 2008 was wonderful because Connor was totally mobile. He could hand out gifts, open them a little bit and eat the good food. This Christmas though, is going to be even better. First off, we're excited about expecting BB2. But more immediately, Connor gets it this year. He's obsessed with Santa, and Christmas trees, Christmas lights, snowmen...all of it. He's perfected opening presents and checks his stocking daily just in case there's something in there. I love that he gets it.

Our friends Jill, Ben, Chloe, Cadence and Brody - AKA, the Smiths - brought a present over for Connor this past weekend. I told Jill I'd take pictures of it so she could see how much he loved it. Who am I kidding though? I love taking pics of this kid.

hating mama for making him wait so I could take a pic of him with his pretty present.

the minute he opened it he shouted "mickey mouse". obsessed.

really cute book. kinda like a where's waldo where you find photos within the big picture. he loves it.

and of course, zoey wanted to play along

ok, this is hilarious. i saw that he'd dumped cheerios all over his playroom so i told him to go and pick them up. he was in there for a good ten minutes before I realized how quiet he was. I peeked in and found this. it's a horrible photo because i didn't want to use the flash, but I found him totally passed out asleep under the table, mid-cleaning. he even had some cheerios in his hand. we left him there and let him have his nap under the table. he was not too pleased when he woke up there though.

practicing his swimming in the bathtub.

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Jill said...

Yay! I am glad that he liked his book! Thanks for sharing the pics!