Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 15 Update

I'm a couple days late on the weekly update, but I think I have a pretty good excuse if I do say so myself. Ugh, it's been a rough week, but all is fine so I'm going to take a few moments to update here on what's been going on.

Monday night started like anyother. Eat dinner, throw up. The norm. But then i kept throwing up, and then I would wake up in the middle of the night needing to throw up. Even with my severe "morning sickness", or Hyperemesis Gravidarum as I was diagnosed with earlier in the pregnancy, I've never been woken up to get sick. I could tell this was a bit different than normal pregnancy stuff for me, as I wan't just throwing up but had other fun stomach stuff going on. Use your imagination folks...I can't bring myself to type the D word here. After spending an hour in the bathroom with no reprieve, I had Jeffrey get me some toast and water. When they came right back up immediately, I knew I had some sort of stomach bug/GI stuff.

The rest of the night went much the same so I called my OB office when they opened in the morning and was told to get to the ER. Because I'm not yet 24 weeks and viable in my pregnancy, I couldn't just go to OB Triage so I had to go to the actual ER. Groan. Fortunately, the ER was pretty quiet on a Tuesday morning around 8 so we got to a room pretty quickly. I was told I was severely dehydrated from not being able to keep fluids down for over 12 hours. The deal is, when you are pregnant you can go a bit without starvation becoming an issue, but you can't go any time at all without dehydration becoming a big concern. They quickly got me all IVd and gave me a couple bags of saline laced with anti-nausea meds. The anti-nausea didn't do anything for me, but the saline did. I could feel it working by the time the second bag was almost done.

They also sent me for an emergency ultrasound so that they could be sure that all was ok with the baby. I hated that Jeffrey couldn't be there with me for this part, but it's patient only. I imagined getting bad news-alone and just couldn't even handle it. The tech told me that she wouldn't be able to tell me anything anyway and that the doctor would give me the results of the US. She could tell how concerned I was and she was really great. She asked if I knew what to look for in the ultrasound meaning that the baby was still alive. I told her I did and so she showed me the monitor. I saw the heartbeat and felt immediately at ease. Thinking now, I guess that wouldn't necessarily mean that we were out of the woods, but at that moment I could relax. Of course, I asked her if she could tell the gender and she said that at 15 weeks it's still really difficult and that the baby has to be really trying to show off their stuff for you to see it at that point. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see anything. boo. At that point, gender was obviously the least of my concerns and we were told by the doctor that all looked great with the baby, my fluid, blood flow, etc. My blood tests all came back great as well so they were happy that they caught the hydration issue early. The only concern the doctor had at this time was that I had marginal previa, meaning that my placenta is partially over my cervical opening which isn't great. Fortunately, I'm only 15 weeks which means that I have plenty of time for it to move and end up where it's supposed to be. I'm betting that by the time I have my ultrasound around 18-20 weeks it will already have moved up and away from my cervix. Fingers crossed anyway.

After getting some morphine for the cramping, I eventually got to go home. It was an exhausting day for Jeffrey and I both. We got home and just about immediately passed out. My SIL Sarah was wonderful and picked up Connor at school and he stayed the night with them. Since I have a virus of some sorts, we really wanted to try and avoid passing it back and forth to each other if possible.

That's about all the drama from this past week, so here's the fun stuff. At 15 weeks, BB2 is measuring about 4 inches long from the tip of his/her head to the bottom of his/her...well, bottom. BB2 is about 2.5 ounces now and about the size of an apple. An apple?!? This week, the lungs are working harder and taste buds are forming. Pretty amazing stuff to think of.

I think that's it for now. Very happy that it's Thursday which means it's almost the weekend. Not a ton going on this weekend which is a nice change. We have Jeffrey's work party on Friday night, swim on Saturday night and then I have book club and a baby shower on Sunday...actually I take back that "not a ton going on this weekend" statement two sentences ago.


Karen said...

How scary!

Hope this next week is better. :)

Jobina said...

I'm glad everything was ok....