Tuesday, April 27, 2010

35 Week Update

Hello 35 weeks, it's great to see you. :)

A funny thing happens at this point in pregnancy...I think that I may have a subconscious look of exhaustion or a i can't physically take another step look...something going on because everyone I've ever met has asked me some form of "so are you ready for it to be done?". Honestly, I never reached that point of utter "get him the eff outta me" with Connor and I'm not really there with Noah either...it's just different the 2nd time around. I'm still overwhelmingly excited about meeting Noah, seeing Connor with Noah and having 8 weeks off work but it's just, different. Tough to explain.

First off, Jeffrey is amazing with pregnant Lindsay. Truly amazing. Connor, however, doesn't understand that mama can't wrestle around like normal and that it takes me more than a few quick seconds to get up off the ground after coloring for 30 minutes. Seriously, it takes a load-bearing wall that I can climb up and a few minutes for my ligaments to adjust. Low point. I'm not quite as fast going after the soccer ball he kicks and curling up with me in the chair isn't quite as roomy. It's kind of a sad thing that I shouldn't be sad about. Our little family of three is about to expand to four and I want to spend as much QT with Connor as possible, but I'm just so extremely exhausted and slow moving that it makes it quite difficult. Luckily, Connor has a dad who is always ready and willing to soak up that alone time with him :) I love my boys.

I'm feeling pretty good overall, besides the exhaustion. Sorry, even I'm getting sick of hearing myself say how exhausted I am...I'll look for my thesaurus now :) I've had some quasi sharp pangs and cramping but i think it's just Noah tring to move around in an incredibly cramped space. I feel like I've tripled in size in the last two weeks. I don't have a drs appt this week, but I'm fully expecting that when I roll up next Tuesday he tells me that I've gained 5lbs. Jeff says there's no way, but I just feel like it. I think it's just that my stomach is getting so huge and hard. Also, my feet don't look swollen, but my pretty work shoes are incredibly uncomfortable and tight feeling. Today I opted for these beauties.

I know, I know. Tone the internet sexiness down a notch Linds. I'll see what I can do folks. I wore heels to the office, but brought along comfort black flats and changed after being here about 5 minutes. Lame of me.

In other news, we were somewhat productive this weekend. Our goal was to focus on house/Noah stuff to get it wrapped up just in case he made an early arrival. I'd give us a 5 out of a possible 10 points here. We did clean his room a lot...there's so much Connor stuff in there. I think we decided that the tall dresses and closet will hold Noah's stuff and that the shorter, longer dresser will still have some of Connor's overflow. I tossed a few more items in the hospital bag this weekend but it was mostly toiletries since I'm there for so long I want to be sure I have everything I need in that department. I need to get a new robe and some slippers. I don't really use these items at home but they are necessary for those 4 days or so in the hospital. I made zero headway on getting Noah's name letters made but we did a crap ton of laundry...washing all the little outfits and things that our wonderful friends and family have given Noah. We went through all the receivers, blankets, socks, hats, washcloths, etc and got rid of any that were beyond reuse and washed the rest...most of that stuff hasn't been used in two years so a good washing was needed before Noah uses it :)
Speaking of Noah, since I'm now 35 weeks along, he is set to be measuring about 18 inches long and about 5 1/4 pounds. Since most of his physical development is complete, at this point he'll just spend the next few weeks bulking up. When Connor arrived, he was less than a pound bigger than Noah's supposed to be right now so that's a bit tough to wrap our heads around. I'm guessing that Noah is going to be 7lb 8oz, but Jeff doesn't think he'll break 7lbs. We shall see...any guesses? :)
We went on a tour of the hospital this weekend. At first I felt silly doing this since we'd obviously been there for Connor's delivery but I was glad that we did it. The L&D area has been completely renovated and we would have had zero idea where we were going if we hadn't taken a peek around. Plus, it's different this time knowing that going in I'm heading right to surgery instead of hanging out in a labor room for hours and hours.
A coworker of mine, Nakeia is also pregnant right now with a little boy who I am pretty sure she is naming Keion-so cute. She's just about 4-5 weeks behind me and our office is throwing us a little joint baby shower today. I opened the fridge in the office today to get my water and saw all kinds of yummy potluck type food, so I'm pretty stoked. Scratch the 5lbs I think my dr is going to point out and let's make it ten. Since we're both having boys, everyone was instructed to wear blue for cute photos. Somehow this morning I remembered and so I'm prepared.
That's about it for now I think, we're all hanging in there!


Karen said...

I hope I can be as cute as you when i get pregnant and wear heels. :)
Oh, and I make letters for kids names if you want help. I've actually considered turning that hobby into a side business. Eh, we'll see. :)

Katy said...

I feel like we're finally in the home stretch. Exciting.