Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Connor!

Birthday parties are big with us. Connor's first was ginormous, second was just as big and this year we vowed to scale back. We did manage to go with a smaller ramada but since we didn't do too well with scaling back the guestlist, we brought in two canopy things for additional seating and shade. Oh well...maybe next year.

Lots of family and friends were there to wish Connor a Happy 3rd birthday so it was wonderful. Connor is getting molars right now so for the past week he's been teetering on old-school teething issues. I had almost forgot how much teething is a huge pain in the ass. Almost.

His party was held at Tumbleweed Park again this year and then we took the party back to our house with Papa and Tashi (Corliss) for gift opening. We've decided that it's just too crazy to try and open gifts at his parties...the kids all want to help and we end up having zero idea who gave what gifts and that's a nightmare for a thank you card crazy like me.

we surprised him this morning with a soccer goal and a new ball. Loved it. Anything sports, I swear.

Stella :)

Cousin Madison

Papa & Tashi

Carly getting her baby fix with Stella

Patricia and Brandon

Some of Connor's friends - Connor, Kaci, Aidan, Connor F, Cassie, Cadence, Samantha and Brielle

Oh boys...Connor and Aidan

Opening the card and gift from Aidan. Loved it so much all he wanted to do for a while is open this toy...we eventually convinced him that there were lots more to open.

Harley shirt from Adam and Andrea... go with the awesome Harley trike they got him!
Papa Van Hook knows how much he loves stealing my camera to take photos so he got him his very own, real digital camera. Connor is going to love this once he realizes what it is!!
We had a wonderful time today. Thank you to all of our friends and family who were able to be there today to celebrate our little man turning three. I still really can't believe it's here already, but I truly appreciate everyone who joined us today! We love you all and thank you for loving our little boy so much! :)


Jill Carilli said...

Looks like a great time. Happy Birthday Connor!

The Neerings Family said...

I totally agree about the gift opening at home. We did that with Audrey last year on her 3rd too. I think we'll continue to do that until she has parties where she just invites a few friends for a sleepover. Love the pictures, glad he had a great 3rd birthday!

Karen said...

That cake rocks!! Happy Birthday Connor!

Oh, and btw, I just noticed Noah's baby ticker...he'll be here so soon!