Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 34 Update

I had my 'every-other-week, feel like i'm living at my OB office' visit yesterday. I swear, if you've had a baby you 100% know what I'm talking about here. When you first find out you are expecting you are there every month, then it reaches a point that you have appointments every two weeks. Then once you are full term (36 weeks) you are there once a week. THEN, to make it even more odd you have your baby and you don't go back for 6 weeks or something. It's the strangest, most removed feeling to go from being there every week to never going at all. I remember feeling like I was missing an appointment or something.

Oh, warning. This post should possibly come with a potential TMI warning. I have zero filter when it comes to oversharing, but I know that some who read this (Patricia I'm talking to you) hate, hate hearing about uber-personal stuff. So, there's the warning. Nothing huge at all, but I wanted to put it out there.

My appointments always start with giving a pee sample. I'm not really positive what they check for in the pee...maybe making sure my preg hormone is still up there, proteins, etc. etc. etc. This time I had Connor with me and Jeffrey hadn't arrived yet so he came with me into the restroom, which is totally normal. I realized that he was going to see me pee into a cup and that this could create issues...monkey see, monkey do?? I told him that the doctor needs mama to pee into the cup so they can make sure it's good, but that he should still pee in the potty. He said ok but continued to look longingly at the cups. After I did my business, I stepped out for the customary weigh-in. I watched Connor while she weighed me and saw him wander back into the bathroom. I knew he couldn't resist the urge of those damn cups. She told me that she needed to weigh me again because she showed a 4lb loss, which I just knew couldn't be right this week...other weeks, yes but not this one. I feel like I can see myself gaining and sure enough I gained 2 pounds which is their goal...a pound a week. I pulled him out of the bathroom and we waited for the doctor, continuing to explain the "don't pee in cups" policy that would now probably be a daily reminder.

Once Jeff arrived Connor continued to tell him about peeing in a cup and we listened to Noah's heartbeat which stuck in the 140s which is good. He moves constantly when they are trying to get the heartbeat which I find hilarious, and the nurse does not. Since I'm now 34 weeks along, he should be about 4 3/4 lbs and about 18 inches long. The great news is that at this point, babies with no underlying health issues are just as likely to arrive healthy as if they arrived full term. Such great news since I keep having concerns that he's going to arrive early. I told my doctor that I've been having some pressure 'down low' and that it comes and goes, but def feels like there's something going on down there. He asked if I'd had any contractions and I said I didn't think so. I know for sure that I haven't had any real ones, trust, but I never had braxtons with Connor so I have no idea what those are like. He decided to check me just in case which I totally wasn't um...prepared for.

Now, at this point in pregnancy my entire appointment happens with me fully dressed. When my doc said he wanted to check my cervix and make sure there wasn't anything going on he asked me if I had my underwear on. This was hilarious to me and I asked him if many of his patients arrive commando for his appointment. He has a sick sense of humor so he laughed with me. Jeff looked annoyed. I just thought it was pretty funny to ask. Yeah, I have underwear on. He stepped out so I could change and of course Jeff asked why I couldn't just answer a simple question. lol. oh jeffrey, it's like you don't know me at all.

Turns out my cervix is closed up tight so there's no sign of action at this point. Good news. I'm measuring externally at about 36 weeks and I'm technically 34 weeks so he may not even have us do the other ultrasound in the next couple of weeks. I have my next appointment in two weeks on the 4th of May and he said he'll decide then whether or not to order up a last ultrasound. Kinda hope he does so that we can see him one last time before he arrives!

So that's about it for around here. Life should be slowing a bit here in the home stretch. Chi Omega events have wrapped up for the most part so I can be focussing on getting rest, getting the house all ready and getting comfortable leaving work for a couple months. Oh, and we thought we'd found a new daycare place for Connor and Noah, but last week I visited a place that is literally right next door to my office and we're pretty sure it's a sure thing that the boys will be starting there the first week of August. Feels great to have that off our to-do list. Oh, and the stroller issue has been solved. A friend, Allison is done with her double stroller and graciously gave it to us. Thank you!! I really didn't want to spend the money if we never, ever used it so this is a perfect solution. Friends are super.

Next Tuesday my office is throwing a sort of baby shower along with another coworker who is pregnant so that should be fun. If I remember, I'll take and post a few photos of the festivities :)

Thanks for checking in on us...36 days to go!

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Karen said...

OMG I loved the commando comment! Totally something I would have asked as well. And probably quoted Friends afterward. :)