Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Some gross stomach flu ran rampant through Connor's school last week. It's funny that saltines are primarily eaten when you are puking :)

ahhh, Connor and Sam holding hands. Too cute.

Tough decision here. We've had Mira and Zoey for 7 and 6 years respectively. Over the past few years we've paid them less and less attention. We finally admitted to ourselves that it wasn't going to get any better for us or them with Noah on his way. Fortunately for us, Corliss (aka Tashi) adopted our kitties this weekend and they are flourishing in their new home. :)

3 is kinda young for board games, but we tried out Chutes and Ladders this weekend. Connor creamed us. Here he is celebrating in the most modest way a little boy knows.

Connor's school does an art project everyday but they are doing even more now that it's getting warm and they can't spend as long outside. Here they are painting their lunch bag monkeys. If I remember, I'll get a shot of the final project when it comes home. Please note Connor and Aidan being total cheeseballs in the back :)

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Katy said...

Oh no, Mira and Zoey? It's probably best though. I like the little "off the shoulder" number that Aiden's wearing.