Wednesday, May 5, 2010

36 Week Update

We're getting close now...and it's freakin me out! I'll get to more of that later though.

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and do you remember here when I said I really felt like I've gained some serious, no joke weight since my last appointment? Um, confirmed. My doctor seriously asked me "what have you been eating?". I laughed but then realized that I was totally right. I'd spiked. He joked at first that I'd gained 10lbs since my last appointment but then told me that I had actually gained two weeks. Holy crap fatty mcfatterson. That's nuts. That means that I'm now exactly the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant. I lost a bunch of weight and now I'm gaining it back. I know it's a good thing, as for a while they were concerned with me not gaining enough, but geez can't I find a happy medium?!? It's completely our eating habits over the last two weeks. Jeffrey has been working long, late hours so that he'll be all set when he takes time off and we've just been grabbing food wherever we land while out running errands. That stops now. It's so expensive too.

Noah's heartbeat sounded great and although I forgot to ask the actual BPM, it was strong and loud. I think this was the first time that they've put the doppler on my belly and had the heartbeat sound immediately. He's always hiding and swimming around so that they can't get a good read easily. Connor was at this appointment and we asked him what the noise was. He smiled and said "that's baby noah" and then continued to color.

Otherwise, the appointment went well. I asked him about a procedure I'd been hearing about where you go in for a quick appointment and come out with no more periods. I'm already getting my tubes tied when Noah's delivered so I figured why not go for gold here. No more periods ladies? Yes please. Anyway, after mocking me for a while about being 36 weeks pregnant and asking about a procedure like that he agreed I'd be a great candidate but that he'd prefer to do it in the office after Noah is born so that my 'schedule' is back to normal. Fine, fine. I went home with some reading materials and I'm going to delve into it whenever I get a free moment. Has anyone had this done? Ablation is the general term, Novasure is the specific procedure I'd do. I'd love to hear feedback :)

I still haven't had any contractions which is great news. Noah's movements are just so different than Connor's were, I swear. Connor's kicks and punches would catch my breath a bit...since it's already so effin difficult to breathe but Noah, my god. All he has to do is move and I'm near tears. It's painful, seriously. I feel like he's punishing me for not having any space in there! :) It's enough to double me over in pain. He finds a spot that makes me cringe a bit and then continues to burrow into it-I swear he's trying to get out through the side of my body. Super. Carly's husband Bobby laughed at us this weekend and said, "oh so THIS one is the rambunctious one?!?!". He knows Connor well so found it funny that there could be a child more energetic than Connor. Hilarious.

Since we're 36 weeks along now, Noah should be just about 6lbs and about 18.5 inches long. It's still crazy to imagine him 6lbs since that's what Connor was when he arrived. I can believe it though...this kiddo feels huge. At this point, he should be putting on an ounce per day. Maybe I can blame my weight spike on him being large? Maybe? Yes, we'll do that. Now I feel better. The number of days left is just crazy...23 days left. I want to make one of those paper chains you had in grade school to count down to summer vacay or a holiday...the one where you tear off a link per day? Let's see...apparently his brain is developing a ton right now, he's practicing blinking (and probably winking as our first came out a giant flirt), and has mastered the whole sucking reflex.

I'll be considered full term at the end of this week so I can really go anytime. Logistically though, I really need him to hold on until his scheduled time. Puhhhlease Noah. I'm just so swamped at work and Sara, my amazing intern who will be working for me during my leave doesn't even graduate until May 14th. I'm so incredibly panicked that he's going to come early and she won't be here yet. Seriously panicked about that. Ugh, and everyone tells me how that's "not my problem" but guys, it is. No one else at my company knows how to do my job and that's bad news when it means that houses won't close without my job getting done. Ok, stopping the work tangent now :) but I'm still really, really worried about it so everyone keep your fingers crossed that we'll hang in there until 7am on the 28th, k?

My list of to-dos isn't clearing out too well. I got a robe. That's pretty much all I feel like I've accomplished. Fail. I've been to both Target and Walmart and totally struck out in the slipper department. My friend Jamie found some owl slippers online that she was going to surprise me with but they didn't come in my size--bummer! I'm seriously just going to buy the next pair of slippers I find. I give up, they are just slippers. Otherwise, I got a bunch of Michael's coupons from Ashley so I'm going to get Noah's flippin letters this week. My plan is to find some cute scrapbook paper in a couple styles and glue it to the front of the letter and the sides of the letters will be painted navy. I think that sounds cute and I'll probably use a chocolate brown ribbon to hang them. I also really want to get a head start on Noah's announcements so that they are ready to go when he arrives...I'll just stick the photo in there, and order them up. My hospital bag is still basically full of toiletries, some socks and that's it I think. I'm going to stick a couple books in there tonight. It's tough to have it packed since I'll want things that I use daily like the camera, my ipod and other stuff that can't just be stuffed away for a few weeks. Maybe I'll just stick the chargers in there for now so that no matter how drained the items are I'll be all set. Why am I worried about silly stuff like this? Oh, and it just occured to me today that I need to get a bag packed for Connor. His own hospital bag of sorts I suppose. Since he'll be staying with Sarah and my wonderful in-laws for the 4 days we're in the hospital he needs to have clothes, diapers, underwear, etc. all set for go time. I want to get him a few surprises too so that when he comes to the hospital to visit he'll have little things there for him.

Oh, that brings me to the bestest news ever. Chandler Regional lifted their RSV restrictions on Thursday. Wonderful news!! I can't imagine spending the 4 days or so in the hospital without even getting to see Connor and really couldn't even think about not getting that family photo of the four of us in the hospital bed. Now I don't have to worry about it. :) I was so thrilled when I got the email from our friend Lisa who is a L&D nurse there. Yippee.

Oh, so last week my office threw a little shower for Nakeia and I. It was eventful to say the very least. After eating a bunch of food (did someone say weight spike?) and opening up some generous gifts, Nakeia snuck off to the bathroom. She came back in a few and pulled me outside...her water broke! At her shower! At this point, Nakeia was about 4-5 weeks behind me in her pregnancy so she was about 31 weeks. I shoved her off to CRH where they tested and confirmed that it was actually her waters and that she hadn't just peed herself. They admitted her and hoped to keep her son, Keion, in for 3-4 more weeks. No luck though, and he arrived this past Sunday night at 6pm. He's a healthy, strong little guy at 3lbs, 9oz. He's completely breathing on his own, completely off all meds and doing amazing. Nakeia was released from the hospital yesterday and Keion will probably be there another 3-4 weeks I guess. I just cannot imagine leaving the hospital while your baby was still there, so sad. But the great news is that he's doing so well! Here's a pic of Nakeia and I just moments before her water broke, and a shot of her little family in the hospital just moments after Keion's arrival.

Since both babies are boys, we were all instructed to wear blue so i think it's hilarious that Nakeia wore bright, bright pink :) Hey, when you're pregnant you wear what fits that day and make no apologies!

I think that's it for now, wow these posts are getting lengthy recently. Have a great rest of the week and remember to cross your fingers that Noah holds on for atleast two more weeks!!
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Karen said...

My mom had an Ablation done and she loves it. Totally something I would do after I'm done having kids.
Also, my hubby is the store manager at the Tempe Marketplace Michaels store. He brought home some coupons for this 'friends and family' event coming up next weekend. If you want one, hollar at my on FB with your address and I'll mail it to you. 20% total purchase, including sale items. Score! :)

The Neerings Family said...

Hi, just me. :o) I love you because you make me laugh! Breaking even on your weight seems like a happy medium to me. I lost the 35lbs I gained with Owen, but I still have 14 leftover from the 34 I gained with Audrey. So, you're good girl! Any weight you gain from here to the end will come off when he's born.

You should ask Jamie S. and Nancy M. about the ablation thing. They both had it recently. What about that Essure??? I can't remember if that's what it's called. I think whenever I'm ready to go there that may be what I do.

I'm so glad to hear things are great with your co-worker's baby. He doesn't look as tiny in the pic as I imagined. (Maybe that's just from seeing Krista's baby at less than 2 lbs. I picture him now when I think of preemies.) I still can't imagine leaving the hospital without him, I'll keep them in my prayers.

Have a good week, Lindsay!

Katy said...

Soon Soon Soon! Wow, now that it's May, you must really be getting ready. You're officially in his birth month now! So exciting.

Lori said...

Khloe was 3 lbs 6.7 ounces. I was in the hospital for 5 days, Khloe had to be there for a full week. The great thing is Ronald McDonald House has parenting room free of charge for parents to stay over-night if their baby hasn't been released yet! In the NICU they also have this lovely "house" with a kitchen, tv area, computers etc. I feel compelled to stuff tons of change and money into the donation boxes at McDonald's now! I plan to volunteer time there during the summers (when my babies aren't being born!)