Monday, May 17, 2010

Just another manic Monday...

Today I'm being positive. I'm typically an optimistic person, with a large dash of sarcasm and cynicism mixed in. :) It drives me crazy when someone is constantly a Negative Nancy...I have a few coworkers who are beyond guilty of this syndrome.

My Sara comes back today!! Sara is my intern who helped me out during the summer and then again during xmas break...we are so lucky that she's coming back to be me during my maternity leave. I think it's crazy that expectant moms have enough to worry about with complications, trying to stay healthy, facing 8 weeks off with zero pay, etc. and then to have to worry about finding someone to do your job while you're out--Forget it...too much stress. Luckily for all involved, Sara graduated last week and doesn't start her new job until August so now she gets to make some money over the summer instead of day drinking and lounging by the pool for 8 months...oh, sorry Sara. Anyway, she starts today which should significantly cut down on my anxiety. I'm still not comfortable walking out of the office and away from my overwhelming job today, but at least she's here and ready for a refresher course! One step closer.

Also, Connor is wearing big boy underpants to school today for the first time. He did great this weekend with the underpants and didn't have a single accident while he had them on. Our plan yesterday was to put him in a diaper during his nap since that's not really a controllable time but he fell asleep early and we didn't have a chance to change him. He had a few trickles in there, but really not bad at all considering the kid consumes so much water during the day. Two minutes before Jeff and Connor left the house on the way to school today, he peed himself. Connor, not Jeff. So, not a stellar start but maybe the pressure got to him :) I'm hopefuly for a better day!

I have an OB appointment today at 3:15 so I'll be taking off an hour early this afternoon to get there. I'm officially 38 weeks along tomorrow which is just crazy-talk to me. I know I've said it before, but I swear...the first two trimesters just crawled by this time and the last couple months have just zoomed past me. I cannot believe that my countdown is at 11 days today. Yikes!!

This weekend was seriously unproductive until the final few hours. I had a low key weekend planned already but had to bail on a friend's bbq that I was really looking forward to. Friday night my ankles swelled up so huge that I sent a pic of them to Carly asking advice. They were disgusting. I would post the pic here but I just can't bring myself to do it. Anyway, I was having some intense headaches, paired with the ankles and some very, very painful lower back cramps so I decided that no matter how much I wanted to get out of the house and see some of my XO friends I needed to stay put and stay off my feet.

We finally left the house Sunday afternoon. My nephew Kaden had his confirmation and while we didn't attend the mass...2 hours, no thanks...we did meet up with the family after for the reception and celebration. Still can't believe they do confirmation this early, odd. Then we visited Papa and Tashi so that Connor could give her his Mother's Day gift he made her. After that we went and got some small size onesies for Noah in case he surprises me and ends up being more Connor sized (6lbs) than Jeffrey sized (10.5lbs). please. Most of the onesies we have for him start at 3mos and they are just huge! The size estimates they give on those are just way, way off. Newborn is typically 5-8 lbs and they were all way too big on Connor at 6.2 so we ended up having to get premie stuff for him so you just never know. Noah's hospital bag is packed for the most part...a few outfits in a few sizes and we should be ready to go. I still need to get new tubes for my breast pump but learned that you now have to buy them directly from Medela and then they have to ship it to you which is lame. Oh well, at least I didn't wait until the last minute to get the new tubes. Oh wait... :)

Ok, I've got 15 minutes before Sara arrives at my office so I'd better get serious about looking like I haven't been slacking all morning. Hope it's a great day for everyone!!

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Katy said...

probably best that you let your ankles un-swell and rest. I had a dream last night that connor was 27.5 inches and was a girl