Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lindsay's Wishlist

It's too late to strongly subtly hint to Jeffrey that something from this site would make an amazing Mother's Day gift since Sunday is just two days away. I really dropped the ball on this opportunity now that we (nearly) have our two kids and our baby making days are done. I love birthstone jewelry, always have but I had to hold off jumping the gun with Noah just in case he arrived early as an April that the possibility is gone I think it's safe to order up the emeralds!! Here's my connundrum...I am not totally in love with our family birthstones...together. I'm garnet, which I love. Jeffrey is emerald, also wonderful and also Noah's. Connor is diamond, boring. Don't misunderstand, me likey diamonds but what I'm trying to say is that everyone has diamond jewelry but I just don't feel like it's very, well, birthstone-y. PLUS...did you notice that our family birthstones are very Christmas-y together? Yeah, well I did.

Regardless, I love this site, The Vintage Pearl. I've always loved personalized stuff, monograms, etc. and this site just speaks to me with all the family jewelry now that our little family is just about complete! Here are just a few items that I'm currently lusting over on this site. There are lots of other great shops with similar offerings. I really love this hand stamped stuff right now.


Katy said...

I say hint away. Rather, just tell jeff... you should get me this for Mother's day. 2 days away=get the point across, haha.

I agree with the diamond... love them, but it doesn't say birthstone.

Jill said...

Wow, the lady with the firsr necklace either has 12 kids or is a grandma. I am going to go with the grandma. Not everyone is the duggars.

Oh yeah, word verification? Really? I thought that was a pet peeve?

Lindsay said...

LOL. we talked about the word verification thing a few months ago when i added it jill...i was getting all kinds of spam comments and they stopped as soon as I added it.

Karen said...

Ooh, I love that last one!