Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Not too many new photos this week. We had a much slower-paced weekend so there wasn't much excitement going on. Saturday we slept in, relaxed in bed for a while (all three of us!) and then made our way to visit our friends Ashley and KC who just welcomed their 2nd child, Lucas on April 17th. They have a daughter Claire who is a few months younger than Connor as well.

Connor and Claire playing nicely with each other so I had to get a couple pics. Connor was oddly quiet and passive around Claire. It was funny to see him let someone else call the shots!

Then he rode her bike around the house when she went down for a nap! LOL.

Here's baby Lucas :) - you really do forget how teeny they are when they are so new! I just kept thinking holy crap, we're going to have one of these in just a few weeks Jeffrey!

This weekend we are pretty low key as well. Friday night we have zero going on so we'll try to keep it that way. Saturday morning I have the drop off for The Chi O's Cleaning their Closets Charity that my alumnae group put together during the month of April. I think we have something awesome like 25 bags of clothing for UMOM, a great local organization you should check out. I'm really proud of the turnout! Jeffrey and Connor will be at swim lessons while I'm dropping off the items with some other alumnae. Sunday is Mother's Day! I know it's obvious but this day has so, so much more meaning to me since I became a mom. We've always celebrated it because of my mom, but it's just a whole other level when my kid(s) can be involved! My mom is coming over for lunch and I think I'm going to put together a little craft project that she and Connor and I can do. I'll be sure to get plenty of photos of the day for next week!

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