Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I picked up Connor from school on Friday afternoon and found out that one of his friends Samantha had gone home that day with a pretty serious fever. That evening, Connor, Jeffrey and I were playing basketball in his room and all was well. After we stopped, Connor and Jeff were sitting on the couch and Jeff mentioned that he was burning up. I dismissed it thinking he was just warm from playing but then remembered Sam and we took his temp...101ish. Super. This kid runs really low like I do so anything above 100 is a fever in our house. I took it again 15 minutes later and it was already up to 103 and he was just laying there on the couch. We can never, ever get this boy to lay down on the couch so something was obviously up. It's amazing how well you come to know your kids and when they aren't themselves. That obnoxious addage of "you'll just know..." has some merit I suppose.

It was 7pm Friday night so we decided to head to Urgent Care so that we could get him on the mend at the beginning of the weekend. Working parents can agree that there is nothing worse than your child coming down with something on a Sunday afternoon and knowing that the week is up in the air. There is a great Peds Urgent Care by our house that is quick and the drs are great so we arrived and were seen in about half an hour. During the half an hour, his fever climbed and he puked on the floor of the lobby. That's just how we roll. He kept saying that his mouth hurt and we just thought he was talking about his teeth since we're pretty sure he's getting his 3 y.o. molars or whatever the last ones are. He was so exhausted that he slept through most of the exam.

The dr woke him and checked for strep, ear infections, and everything else. Turns out he had Herpangina. Say it out loud please. Yes, the word sounds like a combination of herpes and vagina--totally unrelated I was assured over and over though. Apparently, it's an incredibly painful throat virus that causes very high fevers and blisters in the back of the throat. He told us that there had been a little girl in earlier with a 106 temp! Scary. Connor's virus went into an ear infection too, but only in one ear thankfully. We've been so lucky with ear infections. I think he's had 3 in his life and so many kids, myself included, are cursed with them constantly. They gave him a couple suppositories and an otter pop and he was feeling better within 20 minutes. They kept an eye on him until he was done with his popsicle and we were on our way to fill the Rx. By Saturday afternoon his fever was down almost completely but we stayed super low key all weekend just to be sure he was ok by Monday. Since we didn't leave the house all weekend there are all kinds of random pics to share!

rockin the big brother shirt, or the "baby noah shirt' as he calls it. love.

this is the swelling i'm dealing with. it's not horrible, but i'm not loving it. my left ankle/foot is a bit swollen, but you can tell (maybe?) that the right ankle is worse. i'm sure i could lessen the swelling by putting my feet up more and cutting heels out of my wardrobe but hey, whatever.

we found these letters and numbers in connor's old room when we were getting it ready for noah. i got these at a baby shower before connor was born and never even opened them. geez. he loves them. you can see we had to get creative with his name since you only get one of each letter/number. i guess we like names with N and O so we'll have to get a second set for Noah!

because he was sick (really looks sick, right?), we were doing anything we could to get fluids down him. He got to have all the juice he wanted and he got to drink it out of a real cup...not a sippy...hence the joker juice stain on his face.

I dressed up as a Dr. for halloween several years ago and bought a toy dr set for a prop. It's Connor's now and he really likes it. Recommendation to parents out there...let your kids get a doctor helps when they go in for their own appointments because they know all the equipment. we've even let connor bring his set along to appointments and it really helps!

please ignore my shorts. please. they are comfortable.

the scissors in the dr kit also double as haircut tools in our house

honestly not sure what's going on here...


Jobina said...

Poor Kid! Glad he's feeling better. Love your commentary. Um herpes and vagina! LOL

Katy said...

Connor has herpes in his vagina? What?

witticism here said...

Scary! Glad he is feeling better, though.

I love the pic of the stethescope (sp) and belly. B loved to do that...he still does...still making comments about a baby in my belly...kinda making me have a complex.

Cute pics!

The Neerings Family said...

Poor guy! I remember when Audrey had that, not fun. And apparently there are something like 30+ different strains of it, so he'll be immune to this specific straing, but can still get the others. Blah! I had always heard of the blisters on the hands and feet too, but different strains. I like to say Hand, Foot, Mouth disease. It sounds a little better???