Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 39 Update

Three days! :) Noah will be here in three days and this never-ending countdown will be over. I think it may be time to consider moving to an hour countdown...72 hours as of now. woohoo.

I'm 39 weeks along today and scheduled to deliver Noah in exactly 72 hours. Holy crap peeps. I got the first twinge of nervousness about surgery today. Connor's was so different...I labored for so long that when they told me that they needed to section me it was such a relief. This time I'm just strolling in, asking for some pretty serious surgery...oh, and please tie my tubes while you're in there. k.thanks.bye.

Last night after Connor went to sleep, Jeff and I were watching How I Met Your Mother and it struck me as odd somehow. I asked him if he found it strange that in just over three days we'd be having Noah and tonight we're just sitting on the couch watching some tv show. He said nope so I moved on. I still think it's weird, though I can't decide why. It's not like I feel like we should be doing some uber-important life affirming stuff while we 'prepare' for the way our world is about to be rocked but still. I don't know.

I had my very last prenatal OB appointment yesterday, marking that it's nearly Go Time. The appointment went well. My BP was good, and Noah's heartbeat was at 120...totally within normal range and finally slowed down to a resting point which is good. Connor and Noah both had fast heartbeats all through my pregnancies...no wonder Connor is so wild and I'm convinced his brother will be the same. I gained 2 pounds since last week so I think that puts me up three pounds overall. I'm ok with that. He checked my cervix and I'm still at a zero which I'm good with. I've been torn with wanting to deliver as scheduled and wanting to be done with the heartburn, swelling, soreness of my ligaments (seriously, so sore) and constant peeing. My doctor is pretty sure that I'll be delivering as scheduled this Friday.

My tummy is huge, seriously huge. People who don't see me for a week marvel at my belly. If I'm being honest, it really isn't that big, but it's just so solid and kinda cool. It feels big though...getting in and out of my car has become difficult. Jeffrey nearly peed himself at one point this weekend and made me get out and let him drive for fear that I would slam Noah into the steering wheel if I had to hit the brakes too hard. Probably not a horrible idea to be fair.

My hospital bag is nearly 100% packed, sans the few items that I'm still using daily like deodorant, contacts, glasses, slippers and a few random things like phone charger, camera charger, etc. I figure even if I go into labor myself I'll have time to grab those items on our way to the hospital. I have a list of "last minute items to grab" so we shouldn't have an issue there. Noah's baby bag is all set as well. We have clothes in a few different sizes so we should be ok whether he's tiny like his brother, medium like me or huge like Jeffrey. Connor's overnight bag is packed too. He'll be staying with my amazing mother and father in law for a couple days and my sister in law Sarah for a couple days so we had to pack plenty of clothes and stuff for him as well. This is a lot of packing. We seriously, honestly did 14 loads of laundry this past weekend. Fourteen flippin loads of laundry. There's so much of Connor's clothes that we're keeping for Noah and it needed to be washed...plus all the new stuff we purchased or were given...plus getting my stuff ready for the hospital. It was crazy amounts of laundry.

Amazing news?!? Connor...potty trained. I'm calling it official. He's had a couple accidents in the last week, but really done amazing. He's gone the past four days without having an accident except one that was our fault because we let him take a nap in his underwear instead of forcing him to put a pull up on. The adorable thing? We'll be playing or doing something and he'll just get up, wander into the bathroom and go all by himself. For some reason he hates pulling his underwear and pants up by himself but hopefully he'll get over that. I'm really hoping that he doesn't regress after Noah arrives, but I know that's somewhat likely. Any parents out there have suggestions of ways to avoid it? I always said that my goal was to not have two sizes of diapers in the house at one time and I'm Sooooooo close! My only thought is making a big deal of him showing Noah how he's a big boy and goes in the potty. I need backup plans for sure and I've got nothin!

I am sure I've put this before but since this is my last weekly update I'll be posting I figured I may as well post this again. We have to be at the hospital at 5am for prep stuff and then my delivery is scheduled for 7am. That two hours in between is time spent doing some blood work, filling out some paperwork, getting an IV, meeting with the anesthesiologist and my own doctor and who knows what else...not eating or drinking anything I know for sure. I have a friend Lisa who is an L&D nurse at Chandler and she'll be waiting for me in recovery so that's a nice thing.

Well, that's about it from here. It's just a waiting game at this point and we're good if it happens between now and then but better if he holds out for Friday. The planner in me crosses my fingers that Noah will be patient and arrive when he's supposed to. The mom in me knows that he may just come tomorrow to spite me. :) Have a great week everyone and I'll be updating as soon as there's anything exciting to report!


Katy said...

it's go time!

Krista said...

Yay Connor! Just in time! :)

Karen said...

Hooray!! Wow, it's so close!!
When I went in for my scheduled c-section they had me drink the nastiest stuff ever. It's supposed to help you from getting nauseous after surgery or something? Bleck. It did help though. :) Good luck!!

The Neerings Family said...

I'll be waiting for pics of the new little guy!
As for tips for regressing after the baby is born....well, you'd think that since Audrey had been potty trained for almost a year when Owen arrived that I was in the clear. But it was off and on for a bit after he came. And sometimes even randomly when I can tell she's feeling a little neglected. Just remember to try and satisfy all Connor's needs first, then tend to Noah. But I did make sure Audrey knew when I was nursing, that was Owen's time. She could sit by me or I'd watch a movie with her or watch her play. But I wasn't getting up to do something during that time. I always made sure she had what she wanted...snack, movie, toy, game, etc...but when Owen started nursing I was not getting up.

Oh and remember, it's not "regressing", he's just going to be testing you. (Not that it makes it any easier for me to deal with!)