Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Since I'm not sure if I'll have an opportunity to get a Nearly Wordless Wednesday post up this week...either I'll be making last ditch efforts to get work/life handled before Friday or maybe we'll already be at the hospital...I decided to get it done ahead of time and pre-post it.

we've really been working on potty training over the last two weeks. Connor has never really been driven by the discomfort of a wet diaper, the "big boyness" of pullups or underwear, or the allure of the sticker chart. He loves his sticker chart, but let me say that we started it months ago and he's filled up 3 of those suckers. I don't know what happened but suddenly he's just more into it. So, we broke out the underpants for school and the week went amazing. Two days, he had an accident but the other three, nothing! dry all day! Tuesday when I picked him up he was dry and in the same Lightning McQueen underpants as he was when he got there so we got ice cream. Bad news? When we got home and he climbed out of the carseat he was soaked. Oh well. Over the course of this weekend, he hasn't had a single accident except when he fell asleep today before I could get a pull up on him for nap. Not bad :)
we've been breaking out baby stuff for Noah's arrival and came across the bouncer/walker thing that Connor looooooved as a baby. We cleaned it up and now Connor uses it as a soccer goal, basketball hoop and then I found him like this. My kid is weird.

he wandered into our room tonight like this. Underpants? check. Batting helmet? yup. Batting Gloves? of course. Bat? always.


Katy said...

what more does a boy need in life? Underpants and his bat. That sounds dirty, hahahaha.

Nancy said...