Tuesday, May 11, 2010

37 Week Update...Update!

No productivity with my cervix. Holla! My doctor knows that I am hoping to make it to my d-day so I halfway expected him to jokingly pop his head up and tell me I was at a 6 and shouldn't get too comfortable at home.

In other news, Noah's heartbeat was super strong at 140 and it was great watching Connor listen to it and know that was his baby brother in there. I think it's really starting to sink in for him, though we'll see. My GBS test came back negative which is great since I was positive with Connor and that means this time I can avoid the rounds of antibiotics before my surgery. My blood pressure was perfect at 120/80 and Noah and my uterus are more on schedule now which means no need for another ultrasound. Great news as well! When I asked my dr about my weight gain for that week he laughed and told me that I was actually down a pound from last week...hilarious. I have no idea how that happened but I am positive it was a fluke and I'll be back up a couple or so next time.

Next week I have my 38 week appointment on Monday afternoon...getting close now!

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Katy said...

The only pregnant woman who loses weight during pregnancy!

Glad the little man is sticking it out still.