Friday, May 7, 2010

Cramps, Names and other randomness

Something I really love about blogging is the randomness and I haven't been keeping up with my end of that for a long, long time. Sometimes something will happen and I think, oh I totally have to blog about that this minute...but then it's lego time or I'm swamped at work (all the time) or I should go to bed or whatever. Today the randomness overwhelmed me and I want to blog about it.

Three things at the moment:

1. Yesterday a coworker asked me if I'd had any of the blindingly painful leg cramps so often associated with pregnancy. I told her nope and then woke up this morning at 4-something with said blindingly painful leg cramp. it was so horrible i nearly barfed. it's 7:45 now and I can still feel where the cramp was in my right calf. I 100% blame my coworker for this happening. She called in sick today and I'm positive it's because she knew this was going to happen. See you next week buddy...

2. Why is facebook chat not working at the office anymore? Blah.

3. My name was so, so overplayed when I was a kid. I remember in college too that there were 5 Lindsays in my sorority. I remember my parents telling me that there were a couple other Lindsays born in the hospital the day I was born and I still wonder why they didn't consider that a sign. Anyway, we like names that are somewhere in the middle--not 'three other classmates with the same name popular', but normal enough that you can find it on that personalized pencil rack at the grocery store. you get me? I didn't know another Connor, or know someone who knew someone who knew a Connor but low and behold once our Connor arrived it was everywhere with kids. Then we choose Noah. I don't know a Noah. I've heard of a couple Noahs out there but still very uncommon as far as baby names go. Today as I'm driving to work hoping that my driving leg doesn't spasm on me while on my way, I hear that the Social Security Admin has announced the top baby names of 2009. Eff me. Noah is #9 on that list. Top ten?? Not thrilled about this. Being a trendsetter is disappointing.


Katy said...

Is this why I feel totally disconnected from you lately? FB chat doesn't work? Who do I need to kill in your office to get this back up and running? A week without speaking is like 10 years in girl time. Help! HELP!

It's so tough being a trendsetter! hahahahahahaha

Karen said...

My ex felt the same way about being a trendsetter and he's the one who picked Maylyn's name. Kaeleigh on the other hand was all me. At least the spelling makes her different...

The Neerings Family said...

Same with us about the names. Wanted something not too common, but not weird. Never knew an Audrey, or knew anyone else who did. (Besides "knowing" Audrey Hepburn.) Then she's born and as she gets older I get "Oh, so-and-so has an Audrey." But actually there are more AuBreys. Which is kind of a bummer since I never really thought that great...there will be 3 AuBreys in her class and she might be mistaken for one.
As far as Owen, well it's my grandmother's maiden name and we've been set on it since the first go round. Met a few Owens while teaching preschool and know a lot of people who know an Owen too.
Owen was #51 in 2009 and Audrey was #68 when she was born, it's now up to #49 as of 2009. Oh well!