Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 32 Update

32 weeks along. Wow. At first, this pregnancy just dragged on and on. I think that could partially be due to the fact that I found out at a normal time this time around. With Connor I didn't really find out I was pregnant until around 9 weeks along--long story, happy ending! With Noah I found out at 6 weeks when I guess most women find out that they are pregnant. Added to those additional 3 weeks, this time around I'm chasing a 3 year old around, potty training and busier than ever. Those things seem like it should make the time pass faster, but it really doesn't.

I've been letting it sink in lately that this will be our last baby. My last time being pregnant. A very small part of me is sad about that, but most of me knows it's the total, perfect, right decision for our family (and my sanity) so I'm pleased with our decision.

So, today I'm 32 weeks along. Exactly 51 days until Noah arrives. So much to do, and agreeably some are more important than others.

* Our front yard is full of weeds. Once they get pulled, we need to toss down that pre-emergent junk cause we're going to have zero time to be pulling weeds this summer. Any volunteers? Can't wait until our boys are old enough to handle this dreaded chore.

* Get Noah's room in order-we've done nothing. seriously, practically nothing.

* Pick up basics like onesies, receivers, towels, a new changing pad cover, a new mattress pad, and other things that he will need. It's mostly small stuff we need the 2nd time around but it's still feeling like a lot of stuff. My office is nice enough that they are putting together a little get together (not a shower...i'm anti-2nd baby shower) so hopefully we'll be able to cross a few of these items off!

* Make a flippin decision on whether or not we need a double stroller. ugh. I really don't want to spend the money on one if we're not going to use it. Connor hasn't done the whole stroller thing in nearly a year, but the way he's been acting lately causes me to reconsider my earlier opinions on those child harnesses/leashes. I'm just sayin'...

* Get through the next 7 weeks of work and come to a place where I can walk away from my job without springing into a panic everytime I think about what I'll be coming back to in July.

* All kinds of Chi O stuff...graduation, senior ceremony, Eleusinia this weekend, book clubs, formal this weekend, the list here is endless I swear.

* Connor's birthday party is next weekend. I haven't ordered a cake yet. Fail. Besides book the location and send the invites I haven't actually done anything yet. This is not like me so I'm kinda freaked. Groan. I still need to decide what I'm doing for favors and get going on those too.

Back to Noah :) He's scheduled to be measuring about 3.75lbs and 16.75inches long. He'll probably gain a third to half of his birth weight between now and his arrival. He's now got real fingernails and real hair so he's looking more and more like a real baby!
I just got home from my doctor's appointment and it was a quick one. I peed in a cup per usual and they listened to Noah's heartbeat. He was going strong at 130, which is great at this point. My BP was great and I'm up 2lbs from my last appointment two weeks ago. I never want to know my actual weight, but the doctor told me that I'm still down from the beginning of my pregnancy which is hilarious and ironic all at the same time. I think that this time around I lost about 20lbs during my first and second trimesters...same as with Connor.
This seems like enough rambling for one night, so I'll wrap it up here. Next appointment is in two weeks!


Jill said...

Here is my take on the double stroller. Wait until Noah comes and see how it goes in the single stroller. I felt the same way as you and we have one only b/c Eric's parents were nice enough to buy it for us. We hardly use it, Emma loves to walk every where with me and I feel like $300 was wasted on something that's been used maybe 10 times. I fully support the backpack harness! Emma had to wear it twice, got so mad about being put in it that she has never needed it again. Ha, score one for me! :o)

Katy said...

I say wait on the double stroller too. If you need it, it's only a target trip away. No need to spend $$ on something you're unsure about.

Keiko said...

You have good advice on the stroller. I didn't think I'd need one as much, but I love having it now. It's nice going out and having the sit/stand spot for B. The baby has so much gear and now that he is older B has a lot less gear, when he has a "place" in all of the excess stuff I think it makes him feel included. Plus, when he is dawdling and dragging his feet I can put him on the stroller to speed things up.

The Neerings Family said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Give it a try without. Start at small, quick trips and then do the big test like the Zoo or the mall. That's what I did and I would say there have only been a handful of times where I felt it would come in useful. That being said, you could always try a 2nd hand store or craigslist (if that's your thing) for a cheap one.