Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4th of July 2010

This year for the 4th of July we celebrated a day early. The dbacks do fireworks after the game when there is a home game on a friday evening. This year they moved the show so that it followed the game on Saturday night. The game sucked, 14-1, but the fireworks were great. There was an employee suite that evening so we took advantage. It's just so much easier with the kiddos that way. Connor can sit in the bleachers that belong to the suite or watch from the room if he wants to or he can run around the suite with the other kids.

as much as he loves watching the game, he seriously loves "reading" the program just as much. He keeps them and calls them his books.

Noah really enjoyed the holiday by sleeping in one of the chairs in the suite

me & my boys

Connor is just like me when i was his age...loved to watch them, hated the noise. We're hoping next year we don't have to squeeze his head like this because the noise scares him :)
this is what Noah did throughout the fireworks!

We hope you all had an amazing 4th of July this year!
Here are a couple 4th of July posts from the past years!


Katy said...

that picture with your hands over Noah's ears...he really looks like Connor there.

Jeni Lyn said...

we were totally there too! That game did suck - holy errors! Too bad we didn't run into each other.. that would have been fun.