Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I think i mentioned in a previous post that we're scheduling days where we take Connor out by himself to do things he loves. It won't happen as often down the road but for right now, when he's stuck in the house during the week for the most part, instead of playing with friends at's a necessary reward. He loves bowling so Jeff and I dropped Noah off with Grammy & Papa Barnes and hit the lanes. This is Connor's 2nd time bowling and he did really well. Oddly, he calls this "real bowling" and the stuff he plays on the wii is simply "bowling".

this one went down the lane so slow that the pins actually stopped it. Sad day.

Connor, Jeff & I played some wii bowling this week too...he schooled us. And we were me.

Since we signed him up for teeball in the fall, we had to go out and get a teeball bat. Jeff was thrilled. I was frightened. Here's a practice swing :)

while Jeff was off this past week, we took Connor and Noah to Bounce Jungle to meet up with Aidan and Gabi Calabretti. I've mentioned how it's impossible to get good pics of the kids here. I meant it. I have no clue who the kid in the photo above it but the one flailing down the slide just above him is one of mine!

Noah loves this mat toy thingy. He can swat at the hanging toys for hours and manages to move all over the mat.
Here is Connor showing off his new high score in bowling...211. holy crap.

Noah loves his big brother. Connor is a huge he's helping me with Noah's bath.

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Katy said...

I see a professional bowling career in C's future.