Friday, July 30, 2010

Shots and Stats

We took Noah to his two month appointment today. If you mention the two month appointment to parents of young kiddos you get a sympathetic "oh, good luck", and they mean it earnestly. That is because this appointment comes along with 4 shots. Four! Horrible.

We gave him the obligatory tylenol a bit before his appointment to try and avoid the fever that one of the vaccinations often brings on. Unfortunately, Jeffrey accidentally gave him the Children's Tylenol and not the Infant Tylenol so he panicked while we waited for the doctor to come in and assure him that he hadn't just OD'd Noah on pain killers. Strike one. :) Obviously everything was fine...did I mention that Jeff is home with both boys alone this week? Not a simple task getting them both out of the house...especially when there is a set time you need to be somewhere.

So, I knew Noah was gaining weight well and I was not wrong. TWELVE POUNDS, EIGHT AND A HALF OUNCES! That places him in the 75th percentile for weight and his 23.5 inch length puts him in the 75th for height as well. He's big and strong. Our wonderful doctor assured us that even though he's eating double what most kids this age eat, he's not overweight and he's doing great. Good news. She was pleased with his growth, appetite, sleeping and even agreed with our parenting technique of letting him scream and self soothe instead of tending to every whimper. I know some parents don't roll like that but...well, we do. A rested parent is a good parent :) We did the same with Connor and he's pretty damn stellar.

We were worried that one side of his head was looking a bit flat and although we know they always favor one's pretty flat over there. It's all good though, with a prescription of lots more tummy time for Noah Bear. The rest of the appointment went well and Noah tolerated the poking and prodding of temperature taking, boy part checking out and other annoying stuff. Then it was time for the shots. While we waited for the nurse to get them all ready Connor comforted his brother :) Love.

They do an oral vaccination first and then the four injections in the theighs. He did his horribly creepy silent scream and then it erupted into full scale call CPS immediately screams. He stopped as soon as he started though and calmed down after being loved on for a bit.

We weighed Connor on the way out and he came in at 29.5 pounds at 39 months old. just kidding I hate that.

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