Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I have no idea how it happened, but somehow my baby noah turned 2 months old today :)
If I ever have to go to a baby shower again I know what I'm getting the person. A swaddleme. Connor loved being swaddled, meaning wrapped up like a burrito, all the time and Noah is the same. Unfortunately, both of my kids are destined to be soccer players. Soccer players who punch and thrash around. The swaddleme is like a blanket, but with a straightjacket I suppose if you're getting technical. Love it.

the only way i could get connor to clean his room was if noah and i went in there with him. i stuck noah up with all connor's bed animals and noah hated it. a lot. he's screaming in this photo, but since it kinda looks like he's laughing i'm posting it.

we visited the Calabretti family last week so the boys could play and noah chilled in Gabi's Bratz chair for a while. I found out later that it's their Naughty Chair, which Noah clearly found hilarious.

I took Connor to his new school last week on a "try it out" day. We know he'll for sure be going there but I figured this would be good for him to have a day there before the big day. I kept Noah at home with me and Connor had a great time. The one thing he didn't love is that "no play baseball in room, play baseball at house". Apparently, that's a rule. :) The two pics above are from his "unofficial" first day of school.
Noah continues to be a pretty happy baby. He's pissed when he's hungry but pretty chill and full of smiles when he's held and well-fed. Found out today that the other kids in his new school who are his same age are eating 2-4 ounces every 4 hours...Noah eats 6 ounces just as often. My kid's a fatty is what I'm learning :)

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Karen said...

Adorable. You can just see Noah's little personality coming through. :) Love it.