Monday, January 19, 2009

Bestest News Ever

We had Connor's Cardio appointment today and the news was very good. We found out that there is nothing wrong with his heart at all, and that it's actually quite strong. We took the pic above when we were waiting for the doctor to give us the results. I think we all look a bit exhausted! Here's a quick recap of what happened at our appointment.
We arrived at the Arizona Pediatric Cardiology Consultants office at one and filled out a ton of paperwork. The medical assistant weighed (24lbs, 4 oz) and measured (31.5") Connor and took some vitals. He freaked the heck out during the blood pressure part-and i totally don't blame him. I seriously hate having that arm cuff thing on. I swear it hurts so bad, and his arm is just so teeny. I asked how they can even guage the bp reading when the kids are always spazing out and she said they really can't usually. She tried taking his pulse in several dif places but he was thrashing around so much it was next to impossible. She eventually found it in his foot which I thought was pretty odd. He's usually so great at dr appts but i think that the bp really pissed him off!

After that, she told him she was going to put stickers on him and then proceeded to put about a dozen of those little tabs on his chest and belly. Then she clamped the EKG cables to the sticky tabs. It was pretty horrifying seeing him all "plugged in" like that. I nearly lost it at that point. Connor calmed down a bit when we watched the EKG report printing out so that was good. Then...he got crazy again when we had to take the stickers off his belly-it was like taking twelve bandaids off his tender little belly and chest.

The doctor came in next and went over our concerns, family history and the EKG report. He told us that he didn't see anything that would cause him to be concerned with Connor's heart. He said that usually when kids have heart issues, they were present at birth and even earlier. Combined with how crazy active Connor is, the EKG results and when he listened to his heart he was certain that Connor has a healthy, strong heart. It was great news. He went on to tell us a bit more that we would have seen if there had really been something wrong and we'd never noted any of the items.

That was pretty much it. I really want to thank all of our friends for their positive thoughts and prayers during all of this. It was quite a scare and now that it's passed, I feel like I can breathe a ton easier...and get some sleep. and i won't freak out if connor runs constantly for 20 minutes around the house as he often does. all good stuff:)


Jobina said...

I'm so happy everything is okay. :)

Lo Farley said...

See everything was fine :) Did the doc say what was going on with his circulation?

P.S. Props for looking so sexy for your appointment, love the scrunchy hair.

Lindsay said...

ha. exhausted at the appointment so yeah i just left my hair all curly.

they said it could have been due to his cold, but that it was nothing to worry about. He said that when it's something serious the child's entire face is typically discolored.

Jill said...

That is really great news. Glad everything is all good! And hopefully now Phx Children's won't be as scary!

Ern said...

I'm glad everything turned out well. Connor's one healthy dude.