Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The little things

Day is going ok, and I'm currently on my lunch. I got my hair cut yesterday so the sheer shorten length alone cut about 10 minutes off my “get ready time” today. Gotta love that. I had this weird thing happen to my bangs when I was pregnant. Jeffrey tried to convince me that we should try and save money (with baby on the way) and I should stop going to my ‘stylist’ and start going to the place he goes. (hint: starts with G ends with Reat Clips) I succumbed and have been paying for it dearly ever since. The butcher woman parted my hair normally, and then cut too much off the smaller side of my bangs. Seriously? So they were left at a really awkward 2” length which put them at a length where they were always breaking from brushing and flat-ironing. I looked like a child who cut my own hair with safety scissors and it’s still like that…2 years later. So, my new stylist I found yesterday suggested that I start parting my hair on the other side. Genius. It’s taking some getting used to but it’ll allow my crazy bangs to grow out which sounds good to me. Well, now that I’ve spent several minutes writing about bangs I’m going to continue.

My friend Sally is working from home today so I parked in her reserved space which is lazy of me but totally awesome as it’s literally the closest spot to the building :) Doesn’t take much to thrill me friends. That means i'm on the road by 3:32 today!

It’s Dollars for Denim at work which means that if you bring in a dollar to go to that month’s charity, you get to wear jeans. Yes please, here is my dollar. Thank you very much. Plus, I’m wearing my pink shoes which always makes me happy!

This post was pretty random but I had already typed too much when I considered dumping it.

Wordless Wednesday still to come…


Katy said...

This whole thing just made me laugh. Thanks for that

Lindsay said...

you are welcome!! :)