Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crock Pot Tuesday

I love chili, but every recipe I've ever attempted has like 25 ingredients in it. I refuse to go to the grocery store and buy all kinds of special ingredients I'll never again use just for a meal as low-key as chili. chili, come on! So, I searched through recipes and found one that looks amazing and consisted of ingredients I already had in the house, which is key. I added a couple things and adjusted a bit, but it's still a very basic chili recipe.

by the way, this isn't my actual photo. i forgot to
download the pics last night. you get the idea...
it's chili and cornbread.
Easy Spicy Chili

2 lbs. ground beef
3, 15oz cans kidney beans, drained
2, 14.5oz cans diced tomatoes, undrained
1 envelope dry chili seasoning mix
1 8oz can diced green chilis

Dump all ingredients into slow cooker. Mix well. Cover and cook on low 8-10 hours or on HI 4-6 hours.

btw-I really hate when crock pot recipes require prep work. Isn't the point supposed to be dumping a bunch of stuff into the pot, setting the timer and coming home several hours later to a ready-made meal? well, that's the point for me. So, you can brown the meat ahead of time if you want to, but it's really not necessary. It's cooking for a long time and will cook perfectly fine in the crock pot.

Also, this makes something like 10 servings so if you, 1. don't have a super huge fam and 2. don't enjoy eating the same meal 5 straight days...chili freezes very well. consider it.


Katy said...

This meal sounds good, especially right now with our 0 (that's zero) degree weather. Did I mention zero?

Lindsay said...

i cannot imagine zero temps.'s a bit after 7 here and it's 41 degrees, but supposed to get to the high 60s.