Thursday, January 15, 2009

We'll take a cup of kindness yet, For auld lang syne!

I’ve been hoping to get some New Years photos posted, but am having some difficulty. You see, most of the photos I found on my camera (210 photos btw) came out looking a lot like this…

lauren and i

lauren fell :)

no idea why there was a patio photo taken-i think that may have been where lauren fell
i think that over the last 15 years or so carly, lauren and I have like 1000 pics just like this
Oh new years. What a holiday. We had a great time this year. Probably the best we’ve had in several years. There is always so much planning and build up to New Years in general that by the time it happens it’s lame and such a let down. I think that one of these years I just want to have a group of friends rent a house up north or even in mexico and just hang out there. Sounds like a plan, who’s with me?

So this year, Ashley and KC had New Years at their mansion house and it was great. There were about 15-20 of us there probably, including the BFF and Jill of course. Since Jill is pregnant she drew the short straw and was nice enough to be the DD for us. Poor thing. Looking at these pics now I especially feel bad. I won’t go into details because things typed online can last forever but I will say that several of us were recovering the next day. It was low key, the boys played poker and the girls played apples to apples and drank. Then, we didn’t realize that someone paused the tv and we missed New Years…classic. Here are a few photos that turned out a bit better than the above shots.
if i remember correctly i made alyssa hold up two fingers because she announced to us tonight (after much speculation--she didn't drink a thing) that she's pregnant with #2!!

lauren & ryan...somehow i went the entire night w/o getting a pic of jeffrey and i

lo and i

jill, carly and I

ashley and carly

alyssa and jill playing apples to apples (ps-i won somehow)
carly and I

carly and bobby-i think bobby won poker this night

ben is doing ok!

jill and jeffrey

not sure what KC is celebrating-i don't think he won poker that night

champagne-it's not pretty the next morning folks...especially the way we drink it


Lo Farley said...

Yes, that is where I fell and I'm pretty sure Carly took the camera out of your hand to take the infamous landing spot. I still have scabs! Gross. That night was awesome! The next morning? not so much. Next year we should def do Mexico!

Lindsay said...

oh lauren that is hilarious. how did you fall? clearly i'm sketchy on the details here.

yes, no more champagne races. that was a horrible idea. who had that idea anyway? :)

Ern said...

I am still really bummed I missed this night. Ugh. Die, Soccer! Die!

I would sooo be down for a house rental for New Year's Eve '09!

Carly said...

I have no idea what happened. Someone take the champagne out of that lady's hand...she's drinking it all!! Oh wait, that was me. Grrr..."Hey let's do champagne shooters" "Why, Lindsday, that is a great idea".....