Friday, January 2, 2009

how can friday feel like a monday?!?!

ugh. i hate the first day back to work after being gone for any amount of time. today is really rough, since i haven't been in the office since the morning of the 24th!! Now that i've sorted through the 140 emails i'm already two hours in.

I was so happy to find this little plant waiting for me at my desk from my wonderful friend Patricia. She has desk plants and i water them for her while she's gone. I even sent her an email from her plants last time. i'm awesome. anyway, my new plant doesn't look too hot. it's been watered so that's really all i know to do for it. there is zero natural light in my area, so i'm outta luck there. it's really sad, like my own little charlie brown xmas tree.

So, at this point i'm left with a daunting task...I need a name for my plant. any ideas?

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Katy said...

Plant name: hmmm, Doreen?