Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, the teams going to the Super Bowl were decided today. I'm a niners fan, so I was out of the running a while ago. Jeffrey though, is an Eagles fan. He did really well today with the defeat which surprised/pleased/shocked me. He kept saying that if someone else was going to go, he'd want it to be the Cardinals. wish granted. Super Bowl always causes mixed emotions for me. One one hand, I love it. The total culmination of a great season. On the other hand, it depresses me. I love football and tolerate most other sports so when Super Bowl comes and goes it's over-for a long time. Regardless, Go Cardinals!

This year, we're having a Super Bowl party and I'm pretty stoked. As great as it is to be able to attend something at someone else's house, I decided let's do this one at our place. And let's hire a sitter to keep the kiddos entertained/occupied/trapped in the playroom. So far there are quite a few kids coming, like 7. I figure if we pay her well, give her food and pass out her number to the other parents in attendance, the sitter will happily keep the kids entertained in the playroom so that we can enjoy ourselves. Anyone with a mobile child can completely understand how exhausting and totally not fun it is to chase your child around someone's home to ensure that they don't light the couch (or themselves) on fire with that lovely candle set up on the end table. Keiko described it best to me as mommy sweat and she's right. You spend the entire time running around after your kid that you are dripping wet and it's gross. Not this time buddy! this time we planned ahead!

This weekend we finally got all of our Christmas stuff down, which is pretty embarrassing to admit but there it is. It took us for-e-ver this year and i'm honestly thankful that we're having this party or it may have remained through January. We just had a total and complete lack of drive to get it all packed up and put away. Somehow we managed which is good as i'm sure it's frowned upon that the HOA pres is still rockin' the xmas lights in mid-january. lo siento neighbors, lo siento.

Tomorrow is a holiday and Jeffrey and I both have the day off. I'm thrilled, except that the main thing on our list of to-dos is Connor's doctor's appointment. I'm glad that it's finally here and we'll almost be done with the waiting but part of me wishes we could just ignore the appointment and go to the park. He's had no issues since the few times in December and I don't think i'm in denial when I say i really think it's nothing, but we'll see. From what I've read tomorrow will consist of several, several tests and then we'll hear news immediately. so, we're going to the appointment at 1 and then maybe we'll go to the park after:)


Katy said...

Let me know when you know anything. I'm thinking about the babe and you today. Hope everything goes well.

Tiffany said...

So glad all is well with Connor!

Lo Farley said...

I'm so happy Connor is fine, I was worried with you.