Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Connor's New Room

Now that the Christmas high has long worn off, we've been trying to focus on getting things done before Noah's arrival. While Noah's room is currently a disaster, we have Connor's new bedroom done for the most part. Our goal was to try and make good use out of the limited space in there. Since his bedroom was the playroom just a few months ago, we had to cram two rooms into one-two rooms that already had way too much stuff in them. We noticed that his new big boy bed is nearly as long as the closet is wide. We tried putting it in there and he really liked it-and it freed up a lot of room. It's kinda like a bunk bed since he's tucked in there. He really loves his little sleeping cove thingy. I have also struggled with what the hell to do with all of his art projects that he brings home. I love that his school does art every day, so I wanted to show off as many of them as possible. It's tough to believe, but there are still a bunch that aren't hung up with the others. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with them but I am considering getting lots of cheapy thrift store frames and hanging them at different levels around the room.

Connor is really into books right now so we moved all of his books (& movies) from the big hutch/changing table that will be staying in Noah's room and put them in the new cube shelf in Connor's room. I know it's going to morph into a disaster, but for right now...at this moment it looks pretty and organized and I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

You can see some of his artwork hung up around the wall. it hangs on all four walls, and looks pretty great. I just hung it up on a brown twine with clothing pins...this way we can change it out if we want to and it won't damage the priceless artwork! we managed to get about half of all the items displayed by doing this.

Connor's books and movies...all lined up and pretty. For now. Jeffrey put this ikea-like item together this weekend and I was truly proud of him and the lack of profanity that commenced.

loves his room. loves mickey.

this is where I trap my child in his closet :) We worried about him being scared waking up to his clothes hanging above him but he doesn't seem to mind. I really love that the bed fit perfectly in the closet and it frees up a ton of floor space for playing and other large furniture like all of his toy storage and his table and chairs. Plus, there's still plenty of room for running the bases!

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Krista said...

I love the way you hung the artwork! I might have to steal that idea. :)