Thursday, February 11, 2010

Payson - Feb 2010

As I mentioned here, I spaced and forgot my camera at the cabin this weekend when we went out in search of snow. Jeff's phone did a pretty good job though, so here are far too many photos of the snow play!

Kohl's Ranch
we didn't make this snowman, but we decided to continue decorating it when we found it

this was taken just moments after connor hit me right in the side of the face with a huge snowball. you can kinda see the ice on my face! ouch!

connor loves big trucks so we had to stop and stand by the huge tire. taller than me!


Jill said...

These pics are great, are you sure you didn't take them? :)

We took pics by a snowman we found in Flag. Love!

Katy said...

Seeing this last picture of you made me realize that I don't think I've seen you in "shoes" for like any of your adult life. I've either seen you in flip flops or dress shoes, never casual closed toed shoes.

Lindsay said...

lol to both comments.

Jill-yeah, i took them, but with jeffrey's droid. i'm amazed at how good the cell phone pics are. mine blows compared to this!

Kate-ugh. tennies and jeans. my nemesis. it's heels or flips for me, you're right. unfortunately, neither really work in the snow. especially when i'm trying extra hard to not fall!!