Friday, February 5, 2010

Level Two Ultrasound 2.0

just got into work from our second, and hopefully last, Level 2 ultrasound. I am going to have to keep this somewhat brief because i'm rolling into the office on a friday about 3 1/2 hours later than usual and i have a crap-ton of work that I should be doing.

The appointment was really positive with the perinatologist. The point of this one was to focus a lot on the heart since during our last ultrasound Noah didn't cooperate with us and wouldn't position himself in a way to get good measurements of his heart. This appointment went much like the last one, except he was even more of a pain and stubborn. He refused to lay facing up so that they could get good shots continuously of certain parts of the heart. Everything they saw was perfect though and left them with no cause for concern. So, besides being uncooperative and stubborn (barnes family traits, i swear!) the appointment went well.

We found out that he's measuring a bit small still...about a week behind and so he's between 8-10 inches long, rather than 12 inches which is "average" right about now. He's about 1.1lb at this point too so I think he may be kinda short and chubby which i know makes Kate happy. she loves her some chunky babies. :) They said that they aren't at all concerned with him measuring a week behind, as they don't really worry unless it's 14-18 days behind so we're good there. I'm just hoping they don't move around my delivery at this point. May 27th is forever burned in my brain.

Here are a few of the pics from the ultrasound. there were 200 photos, but most were of blood flow and the heart so not nearly as fun as these

here's a profile shot of his face. we saw the face in 3d today too but you couldn't really tell much because of the way he refused to look the right direction for very long.
the spine. he's laying on his belly here.

thumbs up

this is a lower back, butt and leg shot. if you can make it out, he's kicking me with both feet here. it was crazy to feel him kicking me and see it on the ultrasound at the same time.

more kicking

jeff didn't really see the boy shots last time, so she made sure that he was convinced this time. noah's butt is on the right, and his "business" is pointing left!


Katy said...

Yea! I do love some chunky babies! Regardless, baby N will be beautiful

Liz said...

That is so awesome!! Congrats on boy #2!