Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 25 Update

So baby Noah is the size of a rutabaga today, as I'm officially in my 25th week. That also means I have 100 days until his arrival....meaning tomorrow i'll be in the double digits. Crazy. This week, Noah should be around 13 1/2 inches long and about a pound and a half. His size will increase lots faster at this point, which means I'll be getting huge at an alarming rate. Watch out. He should be getting more hair now and lots of baby fat too!
For some strange reason, while I've totally wrapped my head around the fact that I'm pregnant the fact that there's going to be another child still escapes me sometimes. Do I think I'm some kind of surrogate? No. I think the thought of being a family of four is just a wee bit surreal still. Assuming it will sink in when his room is all prepped and ready, when I'm packing for the hospital or when they hand him to me. :)

Speaking of hospital bag...I've had all kinds of crazy hospital dreams about going into labor early and being mad that I didn't have my bag packed with the essentials...my own pillow, slippers and socks, phone/camera/ipod chargers, and other necessities. When you already know you're going to be in the hospital for 3-4 days it's best to have plenty of options so you're not having to send hubs home daily to grab items you forgot. Maybe I'll kill the craving and start my hospital list. There's no way I'm packing it all up yet, but a list is a bit more reasonable I suppose.

Did I mention that Connor calls Noah "baby no no"? Cute stuff. Sometimes I think he forgets that he's in there, except when I remind him, which prompts him to do cute stuff like rub my belly and talk to Noah. Then he remembers :) I talked to him yesterday about how he's going to help mama and dada with Noah when his baby brother arrives--slave labor mostly like fetching diapers, getting bottles from the fridge, grabbing a new onesie when Noah pees through his five times a day. Ahhh, newborns :) I'm excited and a bit overwhelmed just thinking of starting all over!! And the thought of having Connor home with us running wild while I'm recovering and Noah is so teeny tiny is a bit much as well.

My plan is to get some Valentines pics posted later this week so stay tuned!


Karen said...

Baby no no? So cute!! You should write that in his baby book. How exciting!

Katy said...

Baby no no. hahaha