Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I'm really trying to get back into the blogging mood now that I'm feeling a bit more human and alive as I inch toward the 3rd trimester goodness. Four posts in one week is pretty good I think! We'll see how long I stick to it though :) My bet? Not long.

We drove up to Payson to spend the a couple days this past weekend. We're so incredibly fortunate that one of my bffs Dawn's mom and step dad own a gorge cabin up there that they oh so willingly allow us to stay at whenever it's available. Such generosity! We leave them little thank yous (booze) every time we're there so they know how much we adore them! :) We don't get up there as much as we'd like to but it's a great escape and the less than two hour drive fits into my ADD criteria. Any longer in a car and I start to tick.

We'd planned on going up a couple weekends ago, but it ended up being the weekends that all of Northern AZ was pummeled with snow. Pummeled. We were just hoping that there would still be snow on the ground for Connor to play in. While there wasn't any at the cabin, we drove about 15 minutes up the 260 and came upon a bunch that we played in for a couple hours. Unfortunately, I managed to leave my camera at the cabin so we took pics on Jeff's Droid. As soon as he figures out how to download them I'll post them here. He better break out that manual. So, here are some pics from the fun snow ones, but some cuties of the kid anyway.

we took his legos up to the cabin so that he'd have a few things to play with while we were inside. he's really into building towers right now.

this is seriously how my crazy kid sits in the car while he's watching a dvd. he was looking at it so intent until he realized that I was taking a photo and then he broke into a cheese smile. BTW. chocolate chip cookies all over his face!

Jeffrey put together this cube storage thingy for Connor's room last weekend. Anytime we're using a hammer, Connor runs in his room and grabs his "Pat" hammer from his Handy Manny Tool Kit. He loves it. I hung a few pictures last night and strung up his artwork in his room a few weeks ago and he loves to pretend that he's doing the work too.

Connor is obsessed with taking pictures right now. I hate handing my camera over to him because he's a 2 year old boy, but he rarely drops it and he's actually really careful with it. this self portrait is the work of Connor Keith Barnes.

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Katy said...

Can I hire Connor out as a second shooter for my business?