Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 24 Update

I'm 24 weeks today and that means my pregnancy is officially viable. Super exciting news and a huuuuuge landmark! I'm sure it's not going to matter because Noah isn't making his debut anytime soon, but it's still a pretty great thing to have reached viability, meaning that it's possible for the baby to survive if born today. Now, survival at this point isn't great and isn't easy, but the possibility of survival is there! woot woot!

I had another OB appointment yesterday and all went well. We briefly went over the results of last week's level two ultrasound and everyone involved seems really pleased with the results. The heart looks great, not that they were concerned with it but the confirmation is wonderful nonetheless. While Noah is still measuring about a week small, my uterus is somehow measuring a week ahead...can't figure that one out. The point is though, that my due date isn't changing which pleases us. I really don't care for the idea of being pregnant in June. No gracias. Plus, we have Connor's school schedule all worked out based around a May 27th-or before-delivery.

My next appointment is set for three weeks from today to do my gestational diabetes screening which is done at 27 weeks. Since there aren't really any symptoms to note, this testing is the way to find out if you have it. If I come back positive, I'll undergo a longer test that will say for sure. It's only about 2-5% of pregnant women who have gestational diabetes so I'm not really too worried. At this appointment, I'll drink the magic super-sugar potion and they will draw blood an hour later and see how well my body processed the sugar. I remember that when I was pregnant with Connor, my dad had just recently been diagnosed with Type II and he was scaring me with how wretched and horrible tasting the sugary solution is. Thanks dad. I drank it and while it wasn't Diet Coke, it wasn't as horrible as I'd imagined. Kinda like a combo of flat orange soda and hawaiian punch. Nothing I'd drink for fun, but not as gag-inducing as I'd feared.

I have what will most likely be my last ultrasound set for 6 weeks away. I'll be 30 weeks along and nearing the end of the whole journey. It seems so far away right now, but that's ok...we still have lots and lots of work to do to get ready.

Even though Noah is about a week small, I'm still going to post the updates according to normal or average growth...because I have nothing else to go on. This week Noah is supposed to have gained another 4 ounces putting him just over a pound and about the length of a long ear of corn. The respiratory system is working overtime this week to prepare for breathing on his own and his little taste buds are continuing to develop.

Exciting stuff, thanks for checking in!

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Katy said...

Glad everything is still on track. Can't wait to meet him