Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentines Day 2010!!

Connor's little classroom exchanges Valentines amongst the kiddos just like the big kids. They make little mailboxes for the kids to collect all their cards and bring them home. I made really cute ones with his handprints for his first Valentines Day in 2008, last year we did something but I have no idea what it was and this year I needed to do something easy. His class is bigger now with 14 kids or something and we just don't have the time to do some elaborate craft project for 14 kids and 6 teachers. Or the attention span. Either of us.

While I'm aware that you can just run into target and grab a box with your fav character on them, that's not my style. I think they are cute and way more practical than what we do, but it's just not how I roll. I roll on the crazy train apparently. Well, the train left the station last week when Connor and I got started on the project. We're still going really simple since we need to make 20 of them, but it should be fun for him to put them together. Since I didn't want to go and buy anything and we have a few crafty things around the house, we worked with what we had on hand. Here are a few pics of the work in progress. We did all the tearing and cutting and prep work the night prior and then did the assembly stuff the next day.

Here he's tearing up the little pieces for his mosaic hearts. yes, mosaic. crazy train-i told you. i cut out the hearts since my little man has only mastered scissors by being able to put his fingers in the right holes-sometimes.

Here he is putting his valentines together. He was a willing, interested participant for about 2 1/2 valentines at which point he abandoned me and I was left to make the rest of them look like they were made by a two year old. this wasn't much of a stretch for me.

while i slaved away on the valentines, he read a book...

and rode around on his rocket.

Here he is hogging all the glory of the super cute valentines. I think they are pretty adorable, which may or may not be because I made most of them myself.

Lastly, here he is on Valentines Day with his bag of goodies and valentines from his classmates. He's also holding some kind of heart that has arms and legs. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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Katy said...

I miss being a kid during v-day. I loved making the v-day box for all the cards and the candy. Those cards turned out pretty cute!