Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Baby Noah has already been the lucky recipient of some pretty cool gifts, plus a couple items from mom & dad!

One of my bffs Katy got Noah this adorable owl storage tote. I looooves it so much. Obviously, it has an owl, amazing. I think we'll use it to store Noah's diapers somewhere that Connor can get to them so he can help me out when I'm still recovering. Or when I'm lazy. Thanks Kate!!

our friends Carroll and Danny love dogs. They breed shelties and work with Gabriels Angels and therapy dogs. They got Connor this super cute puppy print sleeper.

Jeffrey got Connor and Noah matching Dbacks piggy banks. I think I'm going to pick up some lettering from Michael's or something to put their names on the banks...I anticipate great arguements over these matching items.

so these little gems are my doing. i saw them and i bought them. i love little man shoes :) I got them in a size three so who knows when Noah will wear them. If he's anything like Connor, he's arrive with huge feet and they'll fit him the minute he starts walking!

My dad, papa, got a new truck this weekend. Well, new to him. It's a `69 chevy and awfully pretty. Connor is really into cars and trucks right now so he climbed right up and started driving.

we've been trying to be more deligent about the potty training over the past few weeks. Connor really lost interest this week and almost never tells us that he has to go anymore. We decided to use a sticker incentive chart and so far it's working pretty well. Everytime he's home and goes in the potty, he gets to put a sticker on the chart I made him. Once he gets to #10, he gets a prize. Today he got his first prize, a sucker. Next prize is a car he picked out today at the store.

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Katy said...

Good job on being diligent! I'm sure he'll do great