Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 23 Update

I'm 23 weeks, which means I'm a week from being considered viable. that's a big milestone so i'm pretty stoked. Not that there's any sign at this point, that I won't go to term, but it's still really nice to know that we're almost there just in case.
Baby Noah is almost a full foot long now and weighs over a pound. His ears are working overtime and I read that it means he'll get used to the noises he hears so that they don't completely terrify him after he's born. I feel like Noah is going to be bigger than Connor, who was only 6lbs, 2oz. I have no reason for thinking this, but I do. I also feel like they are going to look really different. I see Noah being dark where Connor is fair. Who knows...I thought they were both girls so I have no clue. I'd be equally thrilled if Noah looked just like Connor, who I find painstakingly adorable.
As for me, I'm doing really good. The throwing up is now nearly gone. A few times a week usually. Usually it's because I went too long inbetween eating and the stomach acids got the best of me. Yesterday I ate something too fast and it came right back with a pissed off fury. Live and learn. He's moving quite a bit now, but mostly when i'm cramping his room still. If he doesn't have plenty of room to move around he gets squirmy and I like that. It's the best way to know that all is well when he moves around. I've had some discomfort during a few of his most active moments, but I'll gladly take that kind of discomfort! I like knowing he's moving around in there.
I got what I thought was exciting news this morning. My friend Keiko had her baby Cash yesterday and I saw pics of Cash with his older brother B on facebook. The pics were adorable--B looking in on Cash in his little plastic hospital crib. I have been looking forward to the family pic in the hospital bed forever, but most valley hospitals have restrictions on children being at the hospital right now. Thanks RSV and Swine Flu. I hate you. I mean, I get the restrictions, but I still hate you. But seeing those pics gave me hope. They delivered at Banner Gateway, but I hoped that Chandler would follow suit and lift their own restriction. I called them this morning like a crazy person and found out, nope. And worse, they don't forsee it lifting by the time Noah is born. I'm seriously so crushed. I really wanted that pic of the four of us. Our first family of four photo and so I am truly disappointed. I'm now considering home birth. Not really.


Katy said...

Home Birth, ah haha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

witticism here said...

Home you will be talking about home schooling. It was nice to have B there, he was freaked out by me at first, but never by Cash. I do find it weird that Chandler doesn't think they will lift the ban by May.