Sunday, August 5, 2012

All I really need to know... I learned in kindergarten.

All you really need to know you learned in Kindergarten?

Tomorrow morning Connor starts Kindergarten.

We did the school supply shopping a few weeks ago and bought way too many crayons. We bought the entire "suggested" school supply list and then about 83 extra boxes of crayons. Why? We have a giant wipe container full of crayons we've found/purchased/acquired from kids menus at restaurants. Why would we buy more? Because they were a quarter. A quarter. What else can you get for a quarter? I don't know but you can get a box of 24 crayons so we did. Worst case scenario, I actually make something from my Pinterest board labeled "things i'll likely never make":

New clothes, new shoes, haircut yesterday, thorough shower tonight (they aren't all winners, let's be honest) and he's all set for tomorrow.

Tonight I took pics of the boys at bedtime. Full disclosure I was trying to take it of Connor on his last night before Kinder but Bear was insistent and the last thing i need is a pissed off Noah at bedtime. They are adorable.

"let's make crazy faces noah" -Connor
tommorow will be a big day for him :)
 At Meet the Teacher, Connor got an assignment to bring in photos, toys or something about what he did over summer vacation. He wanted to bring his shirt he made at Chase Field on Take Your Kid to Work Day and several photos so I made a collage for him to take in. We practiced his presentation. Yes, presentation. He'll likely do amazing.

So tomorrow morning, we'll take Connor to school. We'll park 1/2 a mile away due to all the people swarming the school. I'll wear appropriate shoes. He'll play for a bit and line up in the Bear line. I'm going to take roughly 237 photos and then we'll leave him there. He'll do amazing and be charming. We'll be fine too because we're thrilled for him and can feel his excitement just talking to him. Luckily he's been in a school setting for several years so it won't be a huge adjustment for any of us. Other parents will weep so hopefully we'll avoid those people and not let any of the crazy rub off on us.  He'll go to Kids Club after school so he can play more with old friends and new friends. We'll pick him up early and go to dinner wherever he wants to go (read: Peter Piper). We'll call the grandparents later and retell the story of his first day over and over. He'll love it. I'm assuming I'll be dying to hear about how his Summer Presentation went and he'll tell me he lost his photos before it was his turn, or that he only had 1 minute to talk when we clocked his presentation at 4 minutes and I know that will piss me off. 

Jeff & I both took tomorrow off. We'll take Bear to school after Connor and then spend the day hanging out. We're planning on seeing a movie and grabbing lunch with adult bevs. In the middle of the day - on a Monday. I know. crazy.

Wish us all luck!!

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b1macsd said...

I love keeping up with you via social media. I think about Will's first day at kindergarten -for nursery school he warned me "I think I might cry". At kindergarten he said - "Don't cry, even if the other Moms do". And he came home at the end of the day saying he had to get boxer shorts, cause that's what the other boys wore. Now he's getting ready for graduate school. You're right to be involved in every moment, it goes so fast!