Friday, August 24, 2012

Curly Hair Problems

Have I complained about mentioned my hair before?

This is likely going to sound like someone giving themselves a backwards compliment like "oh, my legs are so toned i have a tough time finding pants" or something equally ridiculous but it's totally not meant to.  For those that don't know me in 'real life' I have really, really curly hair. I straighten it within an inch of its life most days so you'd never know it's curly if you didn't see me post-gym or on a lazy weekend. It's also super thick. The girl who used to do my hair told me once that each folicle had two or three hairs coming out instead of the normal one. For that reason, I shed like a bulemic golden retriever and my hair is crazy thick. So...because of that I get it cut every 6 weeks or so. I know you may be thinking Well, Lindsay isnt that as often as recommended? To that I say Yes, dear reader it is, but who actually does things as often as recommended?? Well, I do. That is because if I don't my hair ends up looking like a triangle or a mushroom. like this poor girl.

Awkward Family Photos
Anyway, I really need my cut and color to be done right before we leave for Disneyland in October but that creates a bit of a timing issue for me. My boys' Disney countdown shows that that is 52 days from now and I'm not quite due for cut/color right now. There's NO WAY i can wait until then to go but otherwise I have to cram two sessions in between now and then. Oh man, thank goodness there aren't real issues out there for me to concern myself with so I can devote all my decision making skills to this hair thing.

Clearly I need someone to help me with my life.

We threw my dad a surprise 70th birthday party this past weekend (more on that later, promise) and Jeffrey and I had our schedule all worked out leading up to the party. We needed to be there at 5 so we needed to leave the house at 4 to have time to drop off the boys (overnight sitter wootwoot) and pick up the cake. So I started doing my flatiron routine (approx 50 sections, beat that) at three so I'd have time to get dressed before we left. I KID YOU NOT after doing the bottom third of my hair my flatiron dies. IT DIES.

did you just gasp? i did. and i was there.

so i literally pull a sweater over my tank top and yoga pants and flee to Ulta. No time for the 20% off coupon. no time to pour over hours of researching different models. Thank baby jesus that Ulta is only a couple miles from my house because I tore in there looking like the half straightened fool i was and laid myself at the mercy of the cranky Ulta employee. I think I sputtered out bits of gold like "lots of hair", "high heat", "really curly", "ceramic", "not paying a million dollars", "surprise party", "overnight sitter". She showed me a few and I literally grabbed it out of her hand, paid and ran for the door. The beauty product junkie in me stopped to grab a spray of Vera Wang on my way out the door and I liked it so much I almost got back in line to buy it. They were doing a free gift with purchase friends. FREE GIFT. I resisted and flew back home. Long story short (too late, i know) I made it in time and I like my new flatiron.

Hope you have a super weekend full of great hair days!

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Karen said...

Be thankful that your hair isn't like Kaeleigh's. That poor child. We started buying Noodle Head for her just to get her brush through it.