Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of School

After much anticipation, the day is finally here. TODAY was Connor's first day of school.  Jeff and I already decided to take the day off so it was kinda a bummer to have to get up just as early as we would if we'd been working.  So we woke up and I made Connor a special first day of school breakfast. Bear of course had it too. The boys got dressed, teeth brushed, hair (kinda) brushed and after a few quick "let's start a tradition" photos we were on our way. 

waffles, bananas, blueberries and peaches
He wrote this himself. I saw a bunch of examples of this on Pinterest and most were on chalkboards. That would have been cuter but i hate chalk.
wearing his giant backpack
my boys. seriously, i dare you to say they aren't beautiful children. double dare you.

crosswalk - seriously there were so many people there that we just immediately parked across the street at Desert Breeze Park and walked over. Check out Connor's cool new shoes.
Connor's school mascot is the gecko - random but cute mosaic at the school. Assuming I remember, this will be another tradition. Who wants to remind me next year?

Connor is a super focussed kid. He remembered two things that he kept repeating like some kind of First Day Rainman.
1. Mrs Yoshioka will have on a red button.
2. I have to find my line with the Bear and put my backpack down.
Aidan and his family spotted us and I was trying to take photos of the boys. Connor kept repeating, have to find the bear, have to find the bear. Boarderline creepy but I appreciate the he's a taskmaster. We took a few pics and then continued our search for the bear.

Connor and Aidan found each other immediately.
we're missing Samantha in this picture but Connor, Kaci and Aidan found each other
spoiler alert: we found the bear

Bear wanted to play too so we took some time to let the boys play before the 7:40 bell

I discovered today that you are either overdressed or underdressed. Saw lots of workout clothes and a few pairs of shower sandals today. ladies come on. you can do better. I toned it down today with a sundress of sorts and a cute flip flop. Regardless, it was crazy busy at school today. The masses were out in full force.

Connor found the red button and got a new nametag from Mrs. Yoshioka. They are clearly sticking with this Old West theme. I'll likely buy myself some boots.
they will likely look like this

Connor and Noah shared a very emotional hug while Connor stood in line. Actually it was not emotional at all for them I just somehow caught them at an off moment
here he is lined up with the other kids in his class
Connor's class has 21 students. The one waving at me in the middle is not my child.
the line going inside the school
No joke, Bear ran up to Connor just as they were almost in the building for a hug. It was adorable. I missed that shot and got this.
After we dropped off Connor and were headed to Bear's school I saw this car. I leaned out the window like a creeper to snap a pic of the plate. thought it was appropriate.

After we dropped Bear off at school, we decided to go and see a movie. We saw Batman - three hours folks. Three hours. Then we grabbed lunch and some beers at a favorite spot in Tempe. Since ASU hasn't started yet, Four Peaks is still mostly visited by locals so it's tolerable. It was a great adult day. I think we've found another tradition. First Day of School Ditch Day for Parents. Feel free to do this yourselves.

Several friends have asked if we cried? No, we didn't. I feel heartless when I see others posting about weeping and "boo hoo breakfasts" but we are so excited for him.

He came home just thrilled. He was so excited but couldn't really tell us anything he learned. I think a lot of today was taken up with first day goodness - where's the restroom, this is how you order your lunch, name learning, dont eat paste, etc.  He did tell me that he LOVES P.E. which is no surprise. the kid is an athlete so I figured PE would be the takeaway today. He did tell me that all the kids except he and one other kid had their lunchbox today, meaning their family packed their lunch, meaning their parents love them more clearly. We thought it would be fun for him to buy lunch on Day one. Tomorrow I'm packing lunch for him. It's either that or start funding a therapy account and we have a big vacation coming up in October so that's likely not happening.

A couple fun projects that came home with him today

We called all the grandparents and he filled them in on his first day. We all asked the same questions so you could tell he was over it by the 3rd retelling. Yes, he made new friends. No, he doesn't know their names. Yes, he learned things. No, he can't remember what those things were. PE was amazing. Lunch was delicious. He didn't have his lunchbox like the other kids. His backpack is cool.

Hope your day was half as good as Connor's :)


Krista said...

You are hilarious! I always love your commentary. Glad everyone had a successful first day of school.

On a side note, we were just talking yesterday about how much we miss Four Peaks. Yum!

The Neerings Family said...

What? They didn't read "The Kissing Hand" and bring home a project for it on the first day. Hmmmm...maybe by the end of the week. ;o)
Connor is sooo lucky to have a mom who will never drop him off in pjs or work out clothes. I never thought I would be "that mom", but I totally was at times. Ok, only pjs a couple times and I only dropped her off, no getting out of the car. But the work out clothes and no make def made an appearance. But not until 2nd semester I think. hahaha!

Karen said...

I love your first day of school tradition! We had one growing up. I wish I had thought to do that for my girls. I can barely remember to take pictures. #momfail :)
Also, Connor's breakfast looks delish!