Thursday, August 2, 2012

Connor's Preschool Graduation

Our oldest babe is starting Kindergarten on Monday, August 6th. Such a huge deal, right? 

So this is a big week for him (and all of us I suppose). Last night we had his Preschool Graduation at Bright Ideas and tonight we have Meet the Teacher at his school, Kyrene de las Brisas. He went to Brisas for a few years until bear was born so we have friends there and are looking forward to returning. Bear will start preschool there next year when he turns three. so we're looking forward to getting back to one drop off and one pick up at that point as well. Really dreading that pain.
The boys have been at Bright Ideas for about a year and a half now I think. They both seem to really love it and I think Connor is sad to leave these friends and teachers behind.  He's thrilled to reunite with Aidan, Sam and Kaci at Brisas but happy he'll still get to see his Preschool friends on breaks and during the summer.
Last night we attended the Graduation and it was pretty cute. Connor has been home all week with Noah and Jeffrey. Jeff took the week off to spend time with the boys before school starts. So jealous of all of his vacay time :(  He was really excited to see his friends and looked forward to it all day I think. Both papas and both grammys joined us for the ceremony. We're so so so fortunate to have all our family so close by. Whenever we think about relocating we remember how wonderful it is to have family nearby and present for our boys.
Connor's cheering section - Barnes/Van Hook family represent!
Bear LOVES Papas

this was the best picture of bear all night - he wanted me to take a picture of his treats.

Our graduate walking into the ceremony

Connor's Graduating Class
watching the slideshow his teachers made for the kids
awww, they love each other
Connor and his teacher Miss Kimmy
seriously? this is as good as a family pic with two young boys gets.

The school gave Jeff and I the Parent of the Year award. Very unexpected but Very nice of them :)

Next Up: Meet the Teacher tonight!!

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Krista said...

So cute! I can't believe how big the boys are getting.

Also, congrats on the Parents of the Year Award! Even after your "it's too hot to play outside" issue! Yay!