Wednesday, August 22, 2012

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

I've never been able to do the whole Wordless Wednesday thing so I have a (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday instead.  The next several additions will incude Instagram and celly phone photo dumps. If something ever happened to my phone/sd card i'd lose about a thousand pics so I dump them on fb and here.  
Papa and his bear posing with Papa's "new" ride
One of Connor's projects from his first week of Kindergarten
Connor's first homework assignment. He got a 'fantastic' sticker even though he spelled his last name wrong. oh well.
connor had a gummy stuck on a tooth for this smile. bear refuses to get ice cream and got a bowl of toppings.
yay olympics
connor graduated into Sea Lions in August 2012
Z is for Zombie. you didn't know?
Connor and Noah made a bunny for their cousin Delanie on her 1st birthday
testing the comfort of the floor mats at target.
taking casual friday down a notch with my Chi Omega t-shirt
cuz love with Maddie
DJ Bear
I tell Jeffrey that the Dbacks should use our kids for marketing. i'm serious.

What do you do to keep all your pics from your phone relevant and not just stored digitally??

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Karen said...

Z for zombie? Omg I just died laughing.