Friday, August 3, 2012

Get a Job Kid!

The Dbacks hold activities for Take Your Kid to Work Day and this year Jeffrey decided that Connor was old enough to go.  I think he was the perfect age as there were a few that seemed not quite appropriate for the thing. Seemed like there were some that were way too that a pacifier?! and some that were too old...suspended from summer school and needed a place to go?!

They hung out with Baxter, got a super insider tour of the ballpark, sat in the dugout, had their faces painted, made special shirts, played in the Sandlot, ate Chick-fil-A for lunch (hold your uprising, i dont care), met Gonzo and shadowed their parent in their job. Connor had a great time. Maybe bear will get to go along in a few years. I love that Jeff works for the team, it's wonderful.

Making his shirt in the Press Lounge

getting Baxter's signature
Connor found his favorite players locker.
didnt want his face painted (smart kid) so he got Baxter painted on his arm

Pausing for a picture with Luis Gonzalez

touring the locker room
all the parents and kiddos who participated

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