Wednesday, August 29, 2012

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

the boys wearing the same monkey pajamas from Papa. what do you they look alike?
Chi Omegas at the ballpark
boys love football :)
the toes
the crazy eyes come out when he's really excited
ringing his bell for graduating to the next swim level!

hurriedly getting ready for soccer between school and practice
bear's eyelashes, sigh
Chi Omegas at Jeri's wedding. And a photo bomb by the groom
my boys can spot an owl at 50 yards
yeah, yeah i know. i'm horrible for taking a photo instead of comforting
but you are laughing so what does that say about you? huh? thought so.

well friends, that's enough photo dumping for one day.  more to come next week!! if you follow me on Instagram and FB that's THREE TIMES you've likely seen these photos. You're welcome.

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